New Scam!

I get a text asking if I’m available to do a window job. I reply yes. The textor claims to be hearing impaired and just put 85% down on a new home. Now he wants the glass cleaned before a surgery.

After much back and forth including 3 calls that are inaudible (blamed on bad service from his hearing impaired provider) it comes down to the scam.

He wants me to run $3000 thru my credit card merchant service. I get $x.xx for the window cleaning plus a $x.xx tip for my trouble and give the former home owner $2700 cash.

In other words. I get to help him steal money from someones CC. Essentially being an accomplice to fraud and thievery.

I told him that is ludicrous and nice try but f**k off!

Just an FYI y’all!

Stay happy.

you are also out all the money when the card company reverses the payment. it is a well known scam although i have not heard of it recently.

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It was my first encounter. I informed the realtor that had the listing for the address they were using. For what good that will do.

It’s just sad to think that it’s a numbers game and eventually they will succeed.

Got a few last month haha
I call them out every time

Wow, never realized it was a scam (never got around to the whole credit card thing). They just asked for house cleaning and i told them sorry, i only do windows. Did think the whole hearing impaired thing was odd, though, especially when it happened again a few months later.

On a related note, a few months ago i got a free app called TrueCaller cause i was sick of getting so many spam calls. It’s worked like a charm. Highly recommend it.


I have also received that Same text several times. It never felt right so i never responded. Now i’m glad i didn’t respond.

My wife fell for that scam the first Christmas after we were married. She called me scared to tell me something. She wouldn’t tell me. The way she was acting I feared the worst (even though I completely trusted her) I thought surely she didn’t cheat on me! Because I feared the worst when she finally told me I was actually relieved. She unintentionally softened the blow. I can’t remember how much she lost. I think it was like $900.00.

Same scam , diffrent story . When they state ’ and do you accept credit cards '? Red flag , SCAM

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my business # is my cell phone, and it’s a number from where i used to live 150 miles away (yes we have a large area code)

i get these texts and when i ask for the address it’s always from my old town, thats how i’m sure it’s a scam, they just look up the prefix and think that’s where i am.

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I get 2 of those texts a week. They keep asking even after you call them out as criminals. Ive noticed they are all in cripplingly broken English.

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