New Scraper for Waterfed Pole work available

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I gotta have it. I like the idea that they are plastic for safety reasons. They are also very light so there are not any weight issues. When will WCR have them in stock?

Hey Randy, not going to have a ton in stock until the spring but I can see about getting one just for you :wink:

These should be in the store shortly

Cant wait for this, that is too cool!!


Hey Alex,

Ill take the scraper and the new soap sprayer (over the top) along with a Prime Membership.

Done and done! Randy, I know you would fully see the benefit of Prime.


I bet Randy Kills us on this! I know his buying patterns :slight_smile:

What new soap sprayer?

Here you go Chip.

Over the top sprayer

Not intentionally. Actually if you look at last years shipping I would come out ahead. But then again I did buy a lot on those free shipping weekends.

Hey, I am building stock for the new hires when I have all my systems in place. A little here and a little there. I already have the full window cleaning setup and gutter cleaning setup for my future Operations Manager when I’m ready and I find and hire him.

I just realized after I ordered yesterday that I have a broken piece on my Unger Pole. This was not intentional, but it does demonstrate the Prime Benefit.