New! SEO section

The SEO section of WCR is now up and running!

If you are a member, you should have recieved your password via email. If you didn’t PM me and I’ll send it to you.

So far I’ve uploaded 1 free .pdf book on link building, stay tuned for more!..


For all those who signed up for Doug’s new program, please be aware I am still ironing out some glitches with the new forum aspect. It will be mint by tomorrow afternoon.

Once Doug provides you with a password you can enter directly right here:

what glitches? I want to be #1 on Go[B]ggle[/B] :slight_smile:

I don’t think that this forum should be here, honestly.
I’m saying this with all respect to Doug, but I think he should setup something on his own.

This forum (WCR) doesn’t belong to me (duh!) but is like having a VIP section, where you have to pay to gain access. You have the business download section which uses the principle but instead of money, you share some information.

I’m sorry but this has been one of the worse days in a very long time, hence my mood, is not anybody fault but I feel like venting today :wink:

Doug may eventually set something up on his own… But in the meantime WCR has the server space to help out fellow members in there new venture. I believe in what Doug is doing so I am happy to give him away a little corner of space.

This is available to any member here… Especially you Carlos! If you have something you want to do… we can help make it happen!

CFP the glitches are all on my end… Should be resolved tomm.

Hope that you guys didn’t get me wrong.
I wasn’t saying that i will leave if Doug’s forum goes live, I was just speaking my mind.

Again, this isn’t my best day so you guys will have to excuse me if I’m a little b#tchy today.

Chris, thanks for the answer even thought that wasn’t necessary, I think of you as nice and fair person, and have no doubt that you’re doing in to help a fellow WC’er.

Doug, not to be redundant, but this is nothing against you or your project. I didn’t get into it since I consider that I’m doing ok in that area and still enjoy learning as I go. Always liked things the hard way :slight_smile:

There are a lot of forums that have paid sections (not many in window cleaning).

I think sometimes information that has been learned with cost attached has a far greater impact on us. The internet has everything for free, but people do not value free and do not take advantage at all of the wealth of knowledge out there.

A couple years ago I made a free ebook and gave it out to people on NWCD. People liked it… and to my knowledge NONE of the 50+ I gave it to did a damned thing with it. My $77 book however, people are doing things. They are actually doing the stuff I teach them to do… without me prodding them.

People keep saying “I can learn how to market my business free online” or “there are 1000 sites of free info on SEO”. Yet their businesses are in trouble and their website ranks are through the floor.

Information marketing BOOMS in a bad economy. Who has time to dig through the massive web and implement anything. The bills are due and 50,000 more people will be laid off tomorrow. I need an effective flier tomorrow and I want to dump this ultra expensive PPC campaign.

I’ll pay to get me from A-B with haste, and I have many times. I don’t regret any of it either. I do regret all the wasted time though…

Well put, so true.

Carlos, I think we spoke about this in our PM’s bu if not: is up and running

However It will delve into some much more in depth SEO stuff (and there will be many non window cleaners on there, like aspiring freelance SEO’s) that may not interest the average reader here.

The SEO section of WCR is geared soley to WC and PW though.