New Setup

We started to do a lot more pressure washing lately so we decided to go all in and get a hot water rig.

The pressure washer I got from Russ at Southside Equipment (Great guy!!). It is an 8 gpm at 3000 psi Hydrotek SC with a 24hp Honda. This unit is capable of running 1 or 2 guns at once.

I had the trailer built by Bluegrass Trailer (Horrible customer service!!). The trailer is 14’ tandem with trailer breaks. I had it painted gray to match the gray rims. This setup will be ready by the end of this week and I will post more pics. Super excited!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

Any advice??

Sweet Dejay. That machine looks nice. In what circumstances is hot water more necessary than cold for pressure washing? Does it just allow you to run it at a lower pressure since the heat of the water is doing some of the work too?

With hot water you can remove oil and gum. I can also run a bigger surface cleaner with it being 8gpm.

Be carefull with hotwater on vinyl siding, if you plan on doing that. The vinyl will expand and contract with hot water and cooler ambient temps. That sounds like a sweet set up. It could open up alot of doors for you. Good luck.

Sweet rig DeJay - did Russ have a good deal goin or is it just because you are close by him? Why build a trailer when there are so many pre fabricated ones available? Do you have all of the other components ready to bolt on - hose reels, tanks, etc???

Thanks Shwan.

I had the trailer built because it was hard for me to fine a 14’ with 2 trailer brakes and wasn’t black. Everyone and there momma has a black trailer. It didn’t really cost me much more so I had them build exactly what I wanted.

I have everything to finish the trailer except the time. We will have it done this week tho.

I got the unit from Russ because he is close and he is a pretty good guy. That guy will answer his phone at 8pm to help ya out if you’re having a problem with your equipment. Hard to find people like him these days.

We use 12.5 % when house washing so I wouldnt use hot water because it doesnt work well with 12.5%

Who said hot water won’t work with 12%?

Nice DeJay!

I dont know. I have always heard that growing up. Lol. I think It was my mom! Lol. BUt seriously there is no reason to ever use hot water on siding. The hypo will do the trick.

Sweet set up…I’d hire you just cuz your stuff looks good!

The key is knowing when and how much;)

Thanks David!!

So are you looking to get into more commercial work or are you looking to knock out a house wash in half the time with 2 guns running? I haven’t quite found the need to invest in a hw skid…yet. But I need a good reason to. Do you do a lot of concrete cleaning down there?

I’ve always heard that chlorine bleach loses it’s efficacy when it’s warm/hot. It’s my understanding that bleach works best cold.

Nice setup Dejay, you’ll love the 8gpm!

You’re right about Russ. Amazing customer service and his prices are spot on. He’s came to NOLA a time or two, I hope to see him again in Feb.

Hot water can be a huge help when cleaning houses! Heat does begin to break down 12.5%, but not immediately. 12.5% is going to be more effective at the 75-80 degree mark as compared to 40-50 degrees. So with hot water you can wash houses twice as fast with then the cold water guys on those chilly days. Just set your thermometer to around 85 degrees. I wouldn’t was a house below 40 or so tho, due to the expansion problem. And never use any water above 110 on a house.

Not to mention you can warm up gutters to whiten them when it’s cold out!

You’ve got hot water now, market it! Set yourself apart from the compitetion.

Great advice Micah. Thanks.

Yeah,there is some good money to be made in commercial work so Im going to go after it. Just last month we passed up a 23 large stores due to not having hot water for gum removal. That sucked so Im going to make sure that never happens again.

This is what I’m saying…Micah is dead on 100%. I only use it when it’s colder out. I did a house or two last year down in the high 40s, but it definitely can help you lengthen your season out some!

Russ Johnson is top notch distributor , wish I had a russ close by.

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