New shirt design - Feedback?

My new logo design, slapped on a couple shirts. Which is your favorite and why?

Style 1

Style 2

I follow the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) with my uniforms and use my cards, mouth and website to do the elaborating. If there’s something important I’m neglecting, I’m all ears, as the order hasn’t gone in yet.


i like both.
for your consideration: if this is the actual size of the print as it will appear on the shirt kep in mind that the top will stay the smoothest and easiest to read, the bottom may start to fold as it hangs and be less ledgible

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So perhaps the phone number topside would be best?

ya or on the other reduce the size of the phone number slightly.

I like the bottom best. Nice!!!

The top one, people read top down. I think you’d want to let someone know what you do before giving a number.

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Bottom best but bigger font for the service descriptions. Nice colors.



@Samuel this one works best in my opinion.

Looks good man!


This is the way my shirts are going to be laid out. The only thing different is I’m going to have the area code smaller an in parenthesis .

I know it’s trival, but I just think it looks better

Nice short simple and to the point. I’d personally increase the size of your logo and decrease the size of your service a tad. But all round good idea

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Yes I also agree with the screens and gutter service being removed. I would round that all up with total outer home detail. And when they ask you can break that down to them. Allows you to be more diverse on your own terms.

The latest revision

i still think the bottom 2 lines are too wide and will be difficult to read due to the folding of the fabric. of course i only printed shirts for about 18 years so i’m likely wrong.
what exactly is exterior detailing- is it like cars where you clean out all the little cracks and openings so its like cleaner than new?

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i will try to clarify what i mean by too wide.
for most people widest part of the back is at the shoulders and for most of us that is the only place printing on a shirt stays flat.
when a shirt is laying flat the text looks great but when worn everything below the shoulders is starting to wrap around the mid section and the shirt is not filled out and held flat like at the shoulders.
the ablsolute widest i ever went was 11 inches across and as you move down the shirt that is still sometimes too wide depending on the build of the person. looks to me like your phone # may be approaching 14 in. and may get lost in the folds close to the armpit
just be sure your printer is confident the print will be readable.
i like the services on.
overall it looks great,

I still think post #8 is best lay out so far out of the choices that have been given. :wink:

@TommyD good work :wink: