New shirts

We got some new shirts in today from our friend Chris Wilson


Couldn’t find them in the WCR store can you put the link out please

You can find them and our new hats under Extras then Apparel.

Here is a link

New rad shirts

Thank you

Guys I really like this shirt, what kind of fit is it? I like my shirts kinda slim fit…

looks like only fatties and giants can get one. l and xl only.

i kid, i kid…

they are cool. i just need one in oompa loompa size.

They are “canvas” brand the picture is kinda deceiving. They are actually kinda slim fitting… Im kinda skinny and it fits just right.

wow, I haven’t been able to fit into a XL large since freshman year at highschool. :o I’d buy a few if ya had XXXL or XXL.

I would love to throw my logo on the back of that t-shirt. Is that something you can do in house? It would be so cool to be able to order your own customized gear from wcr. 1/2 dozen a dozen. Hassle free shopping. But either way I’m gonna order some.

****s look good Chris. The one on the right looks like the Michael Jordan of window cleaners.

At this point we don’t have the capableity for that… hopefully soon though, I would love to have that ability!

I need a shmedium. Do you have that in stock??

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I believe those will be in next week.