New Site and Video

Ok guys I need some good honest feedback. The new site is up and it has the new video on it. My main line of work is the power washing and roof cleaning, but the waterfed pole work is quickly climbing up the charts. The video is going to be slowed down and some of the cuts taken out of it here shortly. If you go to youtube the video looks so much better playing in high quality than regular. Thanks for any feedback.

felt like dancing when I watched that video
"wash my world!"

I like your logo a lot and think the site is good

I’d like to second that motion… Truly a great job!

I like the video. I really like how you spelled out CLEAN on the concrete. That looks really cool. I would shorten the video just a little, 3 minutes is a bit long to hold my attention, but thats just me. Looks good though.

I like the site. The video could be pared down a little. Maybe some of the flashing back and forth between the dirty and clean shots could be slowed down a little for greater impact. Overall I liked it.

that video needs some little modifying…but I like it

Check out this youtube clip for a future video. These things are pretty sweet. Awesome when you’re giving a free demo. I saw Ron Musgraves use these last year at a pressure washing convention in Myrtle Beach.

that stencil thing was AWESOME!

Great video and a nice website Curtis.

I agree, especially on that brick work. I t wasnt up lonmg enough for me to really see and appreciate how clean you got it. Flashed too fast. I know you were trying to go with the tempo of the music, but you alos want folks to really see ho clean you got things. Let it sink in.
Otherwise…nice job!

I agree the video is too long and the there are too many before and after pictures of the same jobs. I would keep it to a minute and a half and cut down on the number of before and after photos. After a couple of them the point is made: you make dirty things clean. The average bear will not appreciate the subtle nuances of each cleaning challenge.

Intersperse more pictures of actual people doing the work (and hopefully having a good time doing it). People are interested in people more than places or jobs.

That’s my input, over all I thought it was a very well done site. Bravo!

Well thank you guys very much for all of the nice words. The video is going to get a pretty heavy remodel hopefully later this week. I am taken out a couple of the photos in some of the sequences so that I can extend the times on the other photos in the sequence. Then I am also replacing the photos of the sidewalk towards the end with another roof cleaning photo.

great…now I got that song in my head…[I][B]“wash my world”[/B][/I]

I agree that it is too long. I recommend about a minute. But great concept

I really like it Curt!

On the testimonial link, why have it if you have none. Get rid of it until you have some

The reason the testimonial page is there is because I am going to email out a link to a page that is a feedback form. On the form is says to help us feel up our testimonials page. I have been waiting to sent it out until the site was done so people could see it at the same time.