New site layout

Would you take a second to look at my site:

I’m in the process of changing the layout and would like to know what you think.

The NEW layout has been applied only to the MAIN page, while the OLD layout remains on all other pages.

If you notice any issues, what browser are you using?

Thanks for taking a second to help me out.

Looks real awesome man! I like it a lot… Its def better than your first one.
I use FFox

Really nice, Doug! Bright, positive, clear.
I noticed on the residential page under “Top Notch Window Cleaning Service” I think “level [I]of[I] brightness” would be better.[/I][/I]

Looks good. I would suggest making the navigation bar slightly different, so it stands out a little more. But that’s not even major.

Is that Kevin’s shirt and tie?

I’m glad you said that about the Nav bar, I was kinda thinking the same thing. I’ll see what I can do. I’m still learning dreamweaver.

And, Ssshhhhhh!.. don’t tell Kevin I “borrowed” his outfit =)

I like it. It’s very clean. The one thing that stands out to me is all the numbers at the bottom. I’m sure if I was in SD I would understand it more. This is coming from the guy who lives in a state that just got their second area code. lol So probably not something to worry about.

do you think it would be better if I put the zip codes directly, next to the cities that they correspond with?

I would like some one in a larger city than mine to respond just cause I am not used to that many zip codes in one area. that being said I think that keeping with the clean flow through out the page maybe they deserve a page of their own? That way you could go into further detail. on the other hand I am not a web page master and you will see how bad mine is when I ask the same question you are in a few days. you are already miles ahead of me and sadly I am proud of the crap I am currently trying to create.

It needs to be there for SEO purposes, but I think you’re right, it does detract, maybe I’ll just make it a little smaller.

SEO? Edjubakate mi?

very nice Doug! I love the copy and content…very inspirational

Thank you very much for your compliments (everyone)

And Big thanks to Kevin (AKA PanelessPerfection AKA Window Cleaning Business Coach AKA, The MAN) and Paul (CFP) For helping me with tons of suggestions on the site.

Sorry, that’s Search engine optimization.

Here’s a question: If you have white text on a white background, do seach engines still recognize the text?

Yes they do, but, and this is a big BUT, they recognize it as “cheating” and will penalize you for it!

Thanks. Is SEO standard for just SD or all areas? I only ask because I am currently finishing up my site and those details are kinda good to know. thanks

What if its a few shades off? Sorry for going off topic…

You’ve got a PM

How do the zip codes help w/ SEO? Sorry for the rookie question.

It’s a very [SIZE=“1”]small piece[/SIZE] of the SEO puzzle, if someoner where to search by zip code it would help (although, people RARELY search by zip code). It also helps google know where you located.