New software available

I hope Chris and Alex don’t mind me telling you about our newly released Round (Route) Management System, Round Tracker v4.

(You may have seen it recently featured on Karl’s blog)

It’s based in Excel but you can do many of the things that you can do with some of the other leading route management software.

Here’s a link to see a couple of brief Video Demonstrations and a Free Trial Version.

You can change the currency symbols easily enough in the invoices and it can be customized to what you need.

As some other threads mentioned, Excel can also be used in conjunction with Word to create mail merges.
(Round Tracker v4 allows you to generate 10 invoices simultaneously which you can personalize as you wish. See Part 2 of Video Demo).

I’d be interested to hear whether in your opinion this product would be suitable to the American/Canadian market. (Perhaps less frequent clean intervals)

Thank you for your feedback and observations.

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I’ll take that as a no then should I …:rolleyes:


i dont think that software is geared for the US market.

How do you mean?

let me re phrase.

not for the residential market. i see most of the uk based businesses use that software for there rounds/routes. my business does not have rounds or routes.

does anybody elses residential window cleaning business have rounds/routes that are the same ???

btw Larry, is it raining up in your neck of the woods?

it is pouring here


wow, it is suppose to rain here until Thursday.

Pouring down here too, I love it. We need the rain.

Hey Doug, do you snowboard? lets go snowboarding???

I’m down. I’ve always wanted to learn. After Christmas Let’s make it happen.


i am going tomorrow and Weds.

i have an extra board for you too.

ooo Im going to go snowboarding today… You guys can come to jersery to ride… Im officially inviting you to crash at Alexs place.

Chris i might do that. how is the mountains out there?

Im going to Montana in 1 month…

you are invited too…

I would, but I’ll be thinking of you out on the mountain while I’m washing windows in the pouring rain. Actually now that I think about it, I’ll have my guy do the outside while I do the inside =) Is that messed up?

You are gonna clean windows in this rain?

you are nuts

I know. they NEED it done this week, otherwise I’d push it back.

Can you change the VAT to Sales tax? Is it compatable w/ a Palm pilot or other PDA’s? Is there the ability to set the frequency to quarterly, biannually, and anually?

Tony , you’re being ridiculous …

Don’t you see this is a thread about snowboarding ?

C’mon man :smiley:

My bad!:smiley: