New Steering Wheel

Hey Ya’ll,

Getting ready to leave and go bid on some work, but wanted to put up my new steering wheel I just designed that I’m going to be putting on the 1966 Ford F-100 that I’m restoring.

When the guy I sent my drawing to finished the wheel and emailed me last night I got super excited!!

Just wanted to show ya’ll how the restoration is going. :slight_smile:


very nice! Whats under the hood? Are you shooting for all stock?

I have a 351 Windsor under the Hood, rebuilt with about 35k miles on it.

I’m doing what you would call a Resto Mod, in other words a modern restoration.

I debated when I got this truck if I wanted to go all original or not, and then I thought nah, I wanted to build something that would look Super Cool and have my personality in it. I dont know if you seen it on here or not already, but ck out my gearshift. I used a full size real Bowling Pin!! ( I started working at a bowling alley when I was 12, my first job!!). I only Bowl about once a year now, but wanted to do something different.:slight_smile:


nice! i have a 65’ chevy. not close to your progress yet.


Looks awesome!! The coolest thing I have on my truck is a skull shift knob. It’s metal and gets very cold on these winter mornings! Brrr!!! This kid I know was once going to put a Yuengling Beer tap handle as his shifter but he had to drill it out to fit and he might be the laziest person I know and never follows through on anything. We aren’t friends anymore, he’s an a$$!

Great looking truck though, I like it!!

Very cool Charlie. When I was doing carpentry I had a 65 Ford F-100. Great truck w/ a 3 on the tree. I miss that truck.:frowning: