New storefront contracts

What in your opinion is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way of getting new storefront contracts?


any other ideas…?

I only offer free window cleaning if they sign a 3 month service agreement.

Cold call in person when they’re not busy. Don’t waste much time inless you’re infront of the decision maker. If you get infront of him - make him say yes.

If you can’t get infront of the decision maker, keep going back every two weeks until he’s there. Leave cards everytime.

I meant offering a free trial window clean before they make a decision as to increase chances of them making a decision to avail of my services…good idea?bad idea?..

what free window cleaning do you mean above?do you mean a sort of "
get one free clean for every 10 cleans" offer.

What happens if you clean the windows for free the first time and they ask you not to come back afterwards?

Usually the first cleaning is the toughest. Asking them to sign a 3 month service agreement protects them as much as it does you.

True, most people are usually honest and won’t cheat you this way. But when they do, it burns. A 3 month service agreement helps cover the cost associated with doing the first cleaning free.

I use this in pressure washing too, so it’s more of an issue for me. Maybe for your usual 10 dollar job it’s not a big deal.

ye i’m really just thinkin of this in the case of a 10 min job…i can understand how this differs in power washing…

i do think that th majority of people will give one the job after recieving something free…

The free thing works. The guy who got me into this business told me that when you give away stuff it always has a way of helping you out in the long run. I practiced that and I would have to say it works.

Offer a free window cleaning to whoever is in charge, most people say “sure” and look at you funny. At this point now that you’ve gotten their attention, tell them a little bit more about the unique benefits of your services. Tell them that you would love to clean ONE of their windows so they can see the difference for themselves, and provide them with a written quote for full service along with a few different maintenance options you offer.
Go clean the window preferably one next to a dirty one, after your done, talk to the owner/manager again give him the written quote you promised and ask him for his business and then sign him up. If he’s not ready to sign up at the moment, assure him that that’s ok you are in the area cleaning windows all the time anyhow and will be happy to clean his whenever he is ready. He will then have one clean window and a few (or more) dirty windows to help him think about it more over the next couple of weeks.

I don’t offer “free” window cleaning, but it’s a thought.
Just work harder on trying to close that customer on the spot.
As a good friend mentioned, it seems to only make sense if you have maybe 2 other accounts near it and want to fill in that route, then doing “free” makes more sense…but going somewhere and just giving free window cleaning is a waste of time unless your in the area already.

I’d say practice your close. That’s one thing I’m really focusing on right now. I want to build a astounding close ratio.

If I were to compete with the “franchises” around here I would be doing them for free all the time
I spoke with a “franchise” employee today as I was out and about
He said that he used his own vehicle and paid for gas and any parking tickets and got a per store rate, the more he did the more he made, He said he started around 7 and finished around 2 and if he went really well he would make $90
He was moving pretty fast when I saw him , but I would give him a fair on quality, and he was doing a pretty big store that we did a long time ago( circa 96)Took 2 guys about 20 min and we charged $60
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