New to adwords

I setup an adwords account today. I dropped my service magic account and put that money towards adwords. Anyone who is using adwords would you mind telling me how they have changed/helped your business.

Why did u drop SM, were you experiencing poor results?

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Very bad. They are now part of the publishers clearing house. I have been getting a bunch of bs leads. Two people straight told me I was getting screwed. I have been using them for 2 years but they are way different now.

I look at it as “diversification.” Or covering all bases…
I rank high in long tailed searches, but nowhere to be found in a vague-short tailed search.

Let’s think about the natural progression of a search…[INDENT]-- customer searches “window cleaning”
[finds companies in California of Utah]
– customer narrows down the search to “window cleaning kentucky”
[finds a handful of closer companies, maybe even yours]
– customer searches “window cleaning louisville”

Adwords heads them off at the pass with the vague “window cleaning” search.

The above doesn’t mean that I don’t localize my ads, as well… I do.

We, as business owners who also run our “marketing dept” look too deep into how/what/where our URL’s end up.
When many people just click the first ad (or first few) they see. This give me double the chance; if I rank top in adwords and top in organic… odds are they will click at least ONE of the two.
(it’s almost like driving home your brand/familiarity)

My advice- pause your campaign and go through some of the tutorials. Not because I think it’s difficult for you (example) to understand. But because people tend to dismiss some of the basics and dive in head first.

  • this is when most watch their budget quickly dwindle down to nothing and walk away disappointed… saying “adwords sucks.”

Great advice!!! This and the private .

Have you requested a lead replacement for the bs leads?

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Yea right! I get a bunch of, well we can’t help that or you got their email now you can send them specials by email. I made pretty good money with them at the start but it has went down hill. Im out.

Funny we did the exact same thing… Baining on sm and dumping it into Adwords. You should grab the book Adwords for dummies it’s great.

I’m going to pick that up to today. Thanks Chris.