New to powerwashing need help!

hey guys…
this is a newb question… i wanna start power washing small jobs like decks houses driveways… is it crazy if i try to use there water supply? how cheap can i get a water tank setup… i have a pickup truck?.. and how many gallons does it take to do an average 2500 square foot home? obviously just n guestimation…
thanks for your help

I use me customers water supply. What equipment do you have?

no equipment yet… lookin to buy ive been doin alot of research on what to get… so if you power wash somones house you use there water supply from there house? they dont give you a hard time?

Customer don’t mind if you use there water supply so do let that be the reason you get a tank. You can put a 275 gallon tank in the bed of a pick up truck WITH a hot water unit.

I’ve had no problem using a my clients water supply. The only ones I know who carry around tanks run 8gpm or higher units.

And yeah, most of those are hot water units