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Hi everyone, my name is craig, I’m from sunny but cold Scotland and hoping to start my window cleaning business within the next month or so. I am currently searching through ebay for a van already kitted out with a water fed pole set up, does anyone advise a particular system? I also want to start commercial vehicle wash on site as there are quite a few large haulage and distribution companies near me, was wondering if anyone else offers this service and has some advice to offer.

looking forward to any replies


welcome lad

Hi Craig - have you tried Peter Fogwill at Aquatech in Scotland?
He may also have info on people trying to sell vans with wfp fitted besides having his own systems. I still use his original trolley.

Welcome Mate! How’s life in the highlands laddie?

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Welcome Craig! Your idea of mixing those services is simply brilliant. Keep us posted.
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Craig, it is mildly unfortunate that your first post here was the place where this happened. :slight_smile: But, once you get to know us, you’ll see we take every chance to NOT be serious.

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Oh hello, welcome!

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Hi, thanks for your reply, life isn’t too bad, looking forward to starting the window cleaning business. I live in central scotland, you are only classed as being from the highlands if you have a more personel relationship with sheep and the likes!!!


Hi, thanks for your reply, I have come across Aquatech on another website
and am going to give them a call. I am finding all the different systems available pretty confusing, do you know if its straight forward to build your own system?


Yes & No. Its best to start out with a pre-bought system unless you are extremely handy & resourceful. Check out
and see what you think. I still use Peters pumpbox & carried on from there, it can also be used as a van mount or car mount. I think you posted about Concept wfp systems over on the the Aquatech forum. Think in basics. Pure water - Pump - Pole - Window. Then you realise it doesn’t have to be that hard.

By all means give Peter a call (if you can get hold of him). He’s an up front guy & won’t sell you anything you won’t need. You will probably only need DI up where you are as your water is quite soft.