New to the Bizz

Just ordered business cards and looking for advice?
In FL…city of a million plus.
What are the best products and supplies?
My experience comes from 20 years ago as a kid…learned my grandfathers technique. He worked on a skyscraper in Chicago. In other words wet behind the ear both in getting the work and doing it.

Any advice and/or knowledge would be much appreciated.
Thank you!

what part of Florida?

St pete/Clearwater

My advise is do what I do…just scroll and read here. Just search your question right here and I bet 99% of the time the question will have been asked and answered…any specific questions…just throw them right up here

Welcome Namelyrich,
Read and ask around. Nice to have you here.

go to the top navagation bar and click search, type your question and you’ll find what you need…

also visit :
for gear

Educate yourself on the fabricating debris issue, heat-treated glass, and waivers.

As usual Larry has beat me to this critical point.
The way to benefit most from this forum is to be active on it. Got a question post it. If it’s been covered someone will probably provide a link to the answer and others will answer it based on their experience.

Larry’s always on top of the game yo!

What are the best products and supplies? For what type of window cleaning
what is your primary market?
embrace change, invest in a waterfed pole system, the guys right here are the best for supplies,THEY NOT ONLY SELL THE SUPPLIES , THEY ACTUALLY USE THEM EVERY DAY

hey Mike, you got stuff in Vero Beach???

Not yet, but its really close and actually Im starting to bid certain jobs up there. Do you have work for me?

I actually might…

Good for you good luck. If you don’t know how to clean windows at all I like glass plus over windex:eek: Just kidding You need a bucket soap ,water a scrubber and a squegee and some rags. As you get more profiecient youll develop a fondness of one brand or size vs another. I think Ettore is the most popular brand and can be bought locally but you should order from the makers of this awesome forum its the right thing to do! theres more experience on this board in any given hour than your grandfather and 5 of his work buddies. Any way If you don’t know how to use a squegee than start by using the straight down or straight accross the window lift off squegee wipe and squegee across the next wet area.John orsini has a cd and or a free ebook that brings you up to speed real quick using this method once you gain experience holding a squegee, you can learn the fan or swirl method that increases your speed and $ per hour this is what most guys do. where the squegee doesnt come of the glass. GP