New to the business.....again

Hey all, it’s been about 5 years since I hung up my squeegy and sold all of my route work in Florida and moved to the Atlanta area. Due to my corporate job, I deal alot with multiple restaurant chains and recently was asked by one of their district managers to give them a price for window cleaning on 10 of their stores. Good news is, I got it, my question to the forum is what is your favorite set up ? I have to purchase everything new and I’m just wondering what everyone is using these days. I was always an ettore guy but thinking id like to try something else.Thanks for any input.

Congrats and welcome back. For storefronts and commercial, I use the following:
Moerman BOAB
Ettore Super bucket with their original sieve
Unger Ninja Handle
Sorbo 18" (Any of their widebody channels would work; solid as they come)
Ettore Super Channel 24" (Just got it but seems to work well. If you want to have only one rubber type, this is a good option. I’d get two and cut one of them to 18")
*I’ve heard mixed reviews on Pulex Alumax and Ninja channels, but I’d stay away from the Legend channels at all cost.
Moerman Excelerator
Moerman Liquidator 2.0 10"
Moerman Liquidator 2.0 12"
Moerman Liquidator 2.0 14"
*Ettore Master brass or stainless works with Moerman Excelerator; I started with Ettore as well, so I have various sizes from 4" to 16" as backup
Ettore Master rubber or Facelift RAZR RED rubber
Garelick 8’ extension pole with Unger locking cone
Gorilla Aluminum Step Stool, 3 Step

Hope this helps!

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Awesome job getting bids!

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Welcome back welcome back welcome back.

785ish different setups.


Stick with Ettore because they’re the best.

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Oh, but get a Moerman pole.

And a Moerman hip bag.

And an Unger ninja boab.

And an Unger ninja razor.

And a tuff belt.

But no question, Ettore is the best.


Don’t get caught up with all the trendy tools. Those are like the supermodel girlfriend who demands a lot for whatever she offers.

Ettore is like the plain but pretty farm girl that you marry cause she works hard all day and still cooks you dinner at night without a complaint.


Congrats on getting the bids! I use Moerman but everybody should use the tools that they are the most comfortable with.

If its just store front work then the game hasn’t really changed in the last 5 years. Personally I think store is the best quality out there.