New to the forum

Hey all. Thought I would stop in to introduce myself in the noobie room. My name is Matt and I currently have a great non-window cleaning job at the moment. The company I work for has been in laying off mode for the past year and I decided that window cleaning will be what I will fall back on. I just sort of “happened” across an article on starting your own window cleaning business and it sounded pretty doable to me. I’ve already bought most of my equipment (figured it would be best to buy things while I have a steady income, rather than wait for a pink slip) and have used it to clean my own house windows. Hope to learn some helpful stuff while I’m here.

There is one window pane in my bedroom that has something on it that did not come off by scrubbing or by bronze wool. The window is only 5 years old according to the sticker on the frame. Wonder if it is a defect in the glass or something. Thanks in advance.