New to WCR --

Well this is my first post. I am new to window cleaning and I have been doing it out of my Cadillac… I am considering buying a Scion XB. Has anyone used one for window cleaning? How has worked out for you?

What vehicles work best and are fairly good on gas milage?

I think my full-size cargo van – Ford E350 standard – works best, but the mileage is terrible (11MPG.)

There are lots of threads on “best” work vehicles. Check out the Search feature at the top-right.

I almost forgot to say thanks to all of you! I have learned how to do window cleaning on this site and picked up allot of great info from you all!

I am located in the Dallas Texas area.

I’ve been using my dodge ram pickup. Its great for hauling ladders and a trailer if I need it. At least a few times a week, I wish I had an enclosed van. Aside from all the advertising real estate, I think it looks more professional and it can definitely hold more.

Welcome my friend! Congratulations on landing on the best website for window cleaning in the world!

Welcome, glad to have you here.

Get a used 4 cylinder toyota tacoma. Finding one cheap may be an issue as they hold their value.

Best window cleaning vehicle IMO

Welcome to the boards. I’m from the Dallas area myself. Live out by Tyler now. What area are you in?

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Hey there! I’d suggest going with a truck or van if possible, but I believe Alex Lacey who posts uses a Scion. Can’t remember what model.

I live and work out of Plano Texas. Originally from Longview. Born in Tyler.


I believe Mr. Sanchez also works out of a Scion, XB I believe.

Good Luck