New to window cleaning

Hi, I hope I can get some really good info from all the pros here. I am about to launch a window cleaning service, and initially will target just the storefront market & develop a route. My first question is, what to charge? How do I find out what the market charges on average in my area.
#2 Do most cleaners charge a set price that includes the inside of the window also or are these in addition to the exterior price?
#3 How do you clean a storefront window that has signage on it, ie: painted lettering.
#4 should my services be offered on a month to month basis or should I request a contract for a specified amount of time?

Help! Gene

there is a search option on the top, type in what you’re looking for and you will find it. All of these questions can be answered by simply looking around, and you’ll probably get answers for many other things too.

Look around and explore, you will find more then you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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I’m not going to speak for the others. But usually I charge a price that is outside only plus doors. If it is a restauruant, or a place where the inside windows are unobstructed, and people are likely to put their hands on the window then I’lll give them a price for in and out.

#4 should my services be offered on a month to month basis or should I request a contract for a specified amount of time?

Help! Gene

I always have them verbally agree to a schedule before proceeding, they can cancel by calling me and cancelling me. Or they can tell me when I’m clean the windows, and that would be the last time I would clean the windows.

I, don’t use contracts. But Chris does, if you are interested there is a window cleaning contract in the download section, all you have to do is offer a document for uploading.

I have not had major problems with verbal agreements. People are 99.9% of the time, fair and reasonable.

Welcome you will find a wealth of knowledge here.

Welcome Gene! As w/ most marketing it’s a numbers game.
I started my route by dropping off biz cards at a few hundred stores. As for getting a price it doesn’t hurt to ask a few businesses what they are paying for wcing. I’d try this as a customer. If you’re in a restaraunt ask the manager what they are paying just out of curiousity. I found out from a fellow wcer in the area what the going rate was.
In my area at that time the was one company that had most of the town but I concentrated on the smaller jobs he didn’t want to be bothered with. It gave me a niche market and let me get started. I quickly branched out into the residential market to make better money.
Hope this helps.

Don’t feel that you have to charge what everyone else charges. When you find out what people in your area pay, you can always charge a bit more, and provide more reliable, quality window cleaning then others do. Many window cleaners charge ridiculously low prices, but many of their clients are frustrated with the sloppy, unreliable work they do.

Price is just one of a few factors that clients look at when choosing a window cleaner.

Me, 5 years ago, I started charging about $30/hour, then as I learned more about the prices others charge, I eventually made about $55/hour now I’m building a route where I make at least $75/hour (including, travelling between jobs, taking a couple breaks, and taking a break for lunch)

thanks to all who replied to my inquiry, it’s great to have a resource like this with people helping people. While I’m at it, here’s a couple more questions.
#1 when I offer my price for cleaning a storefront, ie; lets say ten dollars, do you normally add on tax? Is this the way to do it, or include the tax in my price?
#2 Do most storefronts pay cash? Should I carry a receipt book for the non cash payers, is this expected? As you can see by my questions I am really new at all this!

Thats the way we do it in NJ Gene. But sales tax regulations vary from state to state. I would check with a local cpa or department of revenue.

we are about 50/48/2 %

Roughly 50 % pay up in cash/ check on the spot

Roughly 48 % mail a check in eventually or are on Credit Card easy pay.


Roughly 2% say them will mail in a check and never do.

you would be best off offering a frequency on most commercial places every 4 weeks and not monthly by offering every 4 weeks you can schedule better on your computer and make more money. this will give you an extra cleaning every year x the number of accounts that you have.

Exactly, that’s preceisely what I do. It makes scheduling much easier, and I do make more money each year.

I also setup estimates that I will charge per clean, rather than setting a monthly charge.

I usually try to get them to have their windows cleaned every 2 weeks, as oppsed to four, because usually the windows need to be cleaned more often, and secondly I can make double the amount of money, and build a profitable route faster.