New tools and whatnot

Okay, took the plunge and ordered a set of unger swivel loc t-bar and squeegee. I got it in Friday and have to say I can’t wait to give it a try. I’ve been a die hard ettore fan since day one, but I like what unger’s been doing. I like the s-channel and just finished 45ish-ing it and can’t wait to see how it does on monday. I definitely like the lock aspect of it. I have to constantly tighten my ettore handle so I’m looking forward to pop and locking the unger.

Also started playing with the wagtail and it’s a lot of fun. Who knew my years of swiffer sweeping would translate to wagtailing? First time polling on the glass and knocked it out. But I’m a little like zoolander in that I can’t make a left turn. I come from the right and then lock up on the return, but if I go under the top of my hill, I can come back from the right and get it. So that needs a little work but it’s a lot more fun than traditional pulls. For some reason, I’m adverse to using the wagtail by hand. It’s a pole tool in my mind.

I don’t really like the microfiber mop on it so will be converting some old split microtigers to wagtail mops as an experiment. If that goes good, then I’ll convert a new one.

My question is can you use the unger swivel loc as a wagtail? Anybody tried that or do you need the disc action to get it to fan correctly? I’ll be giving it a try tomorrow.

Yep, the unger swivel action does work when you have really good slip.
Watch the videos to get the Wagtail action & you’ll never look back - Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Search results for wagtail
(I also tried swapping the pads out but never found anything as good as the Wagtail pads).
Watch the second video here to get the action - even though this is the older type wagtail - (the new PC Wagtail is a lot better):
Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Wagtail Giveaway! Wagtail Reaches New Heights

I use a 0 degree Unger swivel lock on about all my pole work. Just makes things REALLY simple and easy. I have the Ninja, and just don’t love it yet. Soon enough I am investing in the 30 degree Unger swivel lock. Impressed as all get out with Unger’s swivel lock. I WISH the swivel lock were a quick release. Changing channel or rubber is a PIA.

Have not tried a wagtail, and so far, don’t know why I would. The swivel lock Unger’s seem to fit what I need so far.