New trailer luck

Well after I got the system last week I was thinking of how I was going to haul it around. I only have a ford ranger and if it was bigger I would have just put the machine in the back. So I decided on a trailer. All last week I was looking on ebay and craigs and could not find anything in my price and size range. $1000.00. I wanted enclosed and it was a bitch finding something. I wanted a 6x10 with ramp and side door. Good luck finding one that matched my business color and for 1 grand. Yesterday I win a bid on ebay for the perfect one, nothing wrong with it other then it was a repo and I was going to have to drive out to west pensi (6 hours) to get it. The trailer was $1400 and after looking around all week I just gave in on the extra $400. GET THIS. I put a trailer hitch on the truck yesterday afternoon to be ready to pick it up. A guy contacts me from a wanted trailer post I had on craigslist. "I have the best trailer for you. White, no ramp, no side door, but 6x10 and I’m 1 1/2 hours away. $900.00). Long story short I now have a trailer with all my main stuff in it and a little kit for the easy jobs in the back of the truck. Will post pics tomorrow. I know there will be bad things with it and there will be good things . But I want the ad space and freed up bed space of my truck. Anyway, who else uses a trailer? Got some pics?

Congrats on the trailer. I have a 6x10 utility trailer that I use for hauling jobs and for my ATV. I wouldn’t want to haul it around every day though. I hope you accounted for the extra gas you’re going to be using. Your towing at least 1200 extra pounds with a 6 cylinder I assume (and hope). Not to mention parking that thing can be tough sometimes. And you can’t necessarily park as close as you’ll want to to your job sites. Don’t get me wrong I love trailers. Mine is one of the most useful things I own. All in all though $900 sounds like a great deal. How could you go wrong? And all that advertising space.

Hey Seth. Yeah I thought about those bad things. But then I thought about taking the machine in and out of the pick up and the nightmare of me dropping it or getting in an accident and it got ruined. Here’s some pics of the set up, it’s still a work in progress. Used the RO system today for the 1st time on a customers home. Had some issues with my extenstion cord not being strong enough. I bought the wrong one at the depot. Sometimes I hate that place. You read one thing on the label, meanwhile the item you take from the shelf is not the one you were reading. Anyway that issue was fixed this afternoon and the customer was very happy with the results and shocked. They had no idea a machine would do the windows this good.

BTW the trailer is 2900 lbs lol. Even empty it sucked up 1/2 a tank driving for 2 hours. So I’m sure I will have to drop $40 per day in gas when using it, but I’ll make sure I toss that in the bid someplace.

Do you mean 2900GVW?

Yes why? I’m not up on that whole weight thing with trailers and such. Is this an issue I should be concerned about? My truck is rated to pull 6k.

GVW = weight of trailer and payload – the trailer itself weighs less.

Oh cool. Well cool and not cool. In Jersey the registration fee is more depending on the weight. So I paid $67 but prob should have paid $35 lol. Oh well I have to hit the DMV again tomrrow anyway so I will see if I can get that fixed. LOL. The truck pulls it just fine. It’s funny cause now that I think about it, there is no way the entire thing could weigh 2900 lbs empty. What I was I thinking lol. OH that’s right I was not thinking lol.

For trailers and commercial vehicles, I believe they charge according to GVW, so your cost is probably correct.

You must have the 4.0 Liter V6 in your Ranger?

You should re-pack the wheel bearings if you haven’t done so on your trailer. This should be done at least once a year. If you didn’t know already.

You got lots of room inside that thing. So much potential. Keep us posted with pics. Especially when you get it lettered up.

I used a trailer when I did construction and they have their place. The biggest headache was the parking situation. If you have enough hose that shouldn’t be a problem.

Sorry for the late replys I have not been getting all the responses to the topics. No big deal. Yes the Ranger is the 4.0. I love the truck, plenty of power. Only thing I hate about it is any time I want to buy something for the thing in the line of toys. They either don’t make them for the thing, or they are really exspensive compaired to other trucks. Example: I would like to lift the truck just a few inchs 2.5 and toss on a bigger tire. My lift kit would be over $3k. Yet if the truck was a 2005 I could get the kit for $1k lol. New under carrage in 06 lol. That seems to happen with everything I buy. My one guy is a class A mech and I will ask him to do the bearings for me. Thanks for that info I had no idea about it.

Is the lift for practical or aesthetics reasons?

Ray, your truck would look sick lifted just a little bit. I have an 2005 Ram 1500 4 door. And I would love to lift it and throw some tires on it too… But its so expensive for some looks. I totally understand you wanting to lift yours just for looks because I do too. :smiley:

I have always been a truck guy. Loved lifting them. Some of my older ones were pretty high with 40’s and 44’s inch tires. My brother can tell you how I crushed the back of his 68 Camaro convertible after a major fist fight. That went over really well in the house and paying for the repairs was not fun, but the memory of his face as my tuck sat on his trunk was wellworth the beat down my old man gave me lol. At this stage in my life it would just be for looks. I don’t go off road anymore but still would like the option. Ever since I owned trucks I always felt they looked better lifted or with a beefer tire under them. Never understood why the OEM’s never put something out and cashed in on it.

This is the trailer I built myself from an old caravan (trailer) chassis, its now all steel with a lockable lid,ladder rack,brakes, and it even has an alarm on it, its just a car alarm and runs on a disabled scooter battery but saved it once from being pinched from out side my house.
I now use a van system but still have the trailer to carry my guttering cleaning gear.

I hope you can see these images.

Very cool Jeff. I like it.

Yeah thats awesome!

Phenomenal - I didn’t know you built it from a caravan chassis Jeff!

Didn’t you give it to one of your kin?

No Karl
When I handed the window cleaning side over to my daughter she refused to pull a trailer so we bought her the van, I was going to sell it to Joe but soon realised I would need it to carry all my guttering gear around, ie Lance, pressure washer etc.

When I first built the trailer I built it with wodden sides and floor, then when I changed over to wfp and after some time I decided I needed to protect all my gear so I converted the whole lot to steel.

This was it when it was wooden and I first made the ladder rack for it.

This was it during the conversion It only needed new sides and a new tail gate, I couldn’t be bothered removing the tank lol

And this was when I took it to my mates and helped him build the metal lid

The lid still cost me £100 and that was with my labour helping him, the lid is held up by 2 rams that I fitted from the boot lid (tailgate) of a 5 door saloon

Just like Frankenstein - It’s alive, It’s alive!!!:wink: