New Trailer

Bought this trailer the other day. It’s a 14 foot enclosed. Tandem axles, electric brakes, barn doors. It’s in pretty good shape, no dents or dings. I’m going to get it buffed and waxed, then it will be black again.

The hot water pressure washers going in here, a few water tanks, the water fed equipment, and the roof cleaning equipment.

I’m brainstorming what kind of vinyl is going to go on the outside… it’s going to be HUGE!

That is sweet man. Think long and hard about the vinyl though. But I know that thing will come in handy for you.

Nah… I have my own vinyl plotter…

It’ll prob be lettered up within a week! LOL.

Don’t know what a vinyl plotter is. I was thinking in terms of a company that vinyl wraps vehicles.

A vinyl plotter is what cuts out the vinyl for signs.

A “wrap” is usually vinyl that has been printed using UV safe ink and is then applied over a vehicle, either partially or completely. Buddyo’s truck is “wraped”.

I won’t be going quite that far. I may have a sign guy print out a before and after picture of some sort, but I won’t be “wrapping” the entire trailer.

You had to throw in his name to turn me on? Geez. :rolleyes:

By the looks of it we have the sme trailer but mine is a 10x6. You will hate the black tho because it get sooo hot and you see every mark on it.

Congratulations Micah! It will be so nice to just hook up and take off with everything you need for any job. Some guys are too wimpy to deal with the drawbacks included with using a trailer but I feel the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. For example, your trailer is now your workshop, storage facility, an advertising billboard on wheels, you don’t have to pack and unpack equipment everyday, and you can simply unhook and you’re back to just cruisin’ in your truck.

Really nice!

Oh yeah, get a grease gun and make sure your wheel bearings always have enough grease in them. I’ve seen some sad situations resulting from trailer owners neglecting the greasing of the wheels.

Awesome Trailer! I love getting new equipment. It’s like getting toys that you can write off!

Funny, very funny!

Hey guys, sorry to ask but do you need a license for a trailer like this?

im curious how your trailer setup is, mind sharing us some pics?

Yup Register it & Insurance is a must. Well that’s what I did. It’s the law in N.Y.

One of the first thngs to do is check the wheel bearings. Previous owner may not have done the maintenance. If I had a dollar for every trailer I have seen on the side of the road with missing wheels I could retire.

No tags needed in SC for trailers.

Nope, but if you cross state lines with your trailer your asking to be pulled over…

If I ever have to cross the state line I’ll go get a permanent tag… about 100 bucks.

Yeppers! Because trailers sit a lot in the weather, I pull the wheels and repack the bearings with grease at least once a year. I always add a grease fitting when I put it back together. It will take about 90 minutes the first time you do it, but well worth the time

Next investment within a few weeks …