New Tutorial Video looks great

Just watched the tutorial video trailer. Looks like a very helpful video.
Ive never thought of doing frenchies with that Z method
Does it rank with the Advanced Window Cleaning Skills Video??

I have the Advanced Window Cleaning Skills Video and it is excellent. Easy to follow especially if you’re an existing window cleaner in the biz.

What I wanted to do in my DVD (Welcome To Professional Window Cleaning) is to get very detailed about the individual techniques. I start from the very basics and explain how to control the water on the glass with your squeegee from straight pulling right up to the more advanced techniques. I also give advice on when to use each technique depending on window size and design style.

Pole techniques on the video include how to prevent runs from the top of the window, how to straight pull without leaving trail lines and how to adjust your tools to hit windows at awkward angles.

There are 4 chapters to the video.
Chapter 1 mostly focuses on tool set up from a basic kit to more advanced kit and talks about the importance of learning to clean windows quickly and accurately the first time and how it will increase your $/hr as a result. (ideal for beginners)

Chapter 2 focuses on squeegee techniques from basic straight pulls to more advanced methods including the upside down L mehtod, the N method for tall narrow windows, S method for large plates of glass, U methods for glass that’s wide but not too tall, and the Z method for narrow windows using a wide width squeegee (or small for frenchies). (ideal for anyone wanting to sharpen up their skills and perfect for beginners)

Chapter 3 is all about pole work to help speed up your work and avoid laddering around obstacles or uneven terrain. Also includes a look at several specialty tools you can use on you poles to help out in certain situations. (ideal for anyone wanting to sharpen up their skills and perfect for beginners)

Chapter 4 looks at detailing and wipe up cloths/towels as well as scraper usage. (again, ideal for beginners)

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hey Mark,
I own Advanced Window Cleaning Skills as well. It’s a great video with a lot of very advanced window cleaning video. I love it and I have watched it many times, but they don’t exlpain much of what they are doing. Sometimes the hand is quicker than the eye and that is how I feel watching their DVD. I didn’t really understand how they were doing the Z method on cut ups until you explained it here on this forum. Watching you clean the cut ups with an explanation before hand made the Z method for cut ups a breeze to understand.

I love your new video and have seen it several times. I sorta thought I knew everything about cleaning a window because I’ve been cleaning windows for over fifteen years. Well I guess an old dog can learn a few new tricks after all. Thanks Mark! :cool:

Ive never thought of doing frenchies with that Z method
ented that? Well, that’s at least what he told me a few years ago at a convention.

I was like, “But I’ve been doing that for years, and I didn’t even know you existed.” :rolleyes:

I’ll never forget that…

Hey Seth,
I thought I invented a few things myself, that is until I saw some other people doing them.

Haha, me too, Mike.

I left the part of the story out where he kept saying, “No, no. I invented it.”

Hey thanks MIke for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Funny about the Z method. I started doing it kinda instinctive like and then I saw a video of S*rbo calling it the Z method. The term made sense and I’ve been calling it that ever since. But I really hope he doesn’t think he invented this technique. It’s just a showcase for his monster width squeegee but as you can see you can perform this with any size squeegee if it’s a good match for the window you’re workin on. :wink:

I ordered that video a month ago and still have not received it. :mad:

I remember using that method on tall narrow panes when I owned my first window cleaning company but I think I was copying someone else. W

Sounds like a great video to have. My weakest area in window cleaning is pole work. I rarely do any storefront so I havent really practiced. But I know that being good with the pole is important for any type of window cleaning. I might just grab the video!

Contact Chris or Alex. I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it.

I invented the internet. LOL. Me and Al Gore have been arguing for years over the issue. He just has a bigger spotlight so he gets all the credit :frowning: :eek:

I have emailed window cleaning resource’s and they told me it takes about a month and if its not here by the 8th of Feb then to let them know.

I am think about the video.

I just ordered one this morning. From what I’ve seen, it’ll be a great training tool for new hires.