New Video For Website

Learning how to do some basic video editing. This is so much fun, but time consuming.
Let me know what you think. Or if you have any ideas on what would make a great video, I would be interested in playing with some ideas.

Pure Solutions Window & Gutter Cleaning, Columbus Ohio

You feel a customer will watch a 3 minute video? The reason I ask is because my commercial/video that I launch in the spring is going to be between 60 and 90 secs. I am concerned that if I make it too long they will tune out.

i like that it itinformative as to what you do but personally I would change up the music.

Good job for a novice video editor!

No, I agree, I don’t think most people will watch the whole video. Hopefully just enough to feel familiar with us to call. It is only an element of the website. So you don’t like Jamiroquai. (the music) Haaa. that’s alright. Thanks for your sincere observations. Are you doing your own video or having professionals produce it?

its not so much that I don’t like the music as much as the song choice but that is totally my opinion. The real question is whether your demographic will like it

we are having a professional make th video. I wanted it completed by january but we are just so busy it’s hard to get a day to shoot it

Originally I had some music with guitar and piano, but the instrumental was not long enough and I got frustrated with hearing the loop repeat itself to many times. I may keep looking an instrumental version of it.

I like the video, but I agree on both points, the video seems too long, and I don’t like that particular song. If you have a good instrumental guitar and piano song that is shorter, use it and only put in enough video to cover the song once. Do a short video of window cleaning w/squeegee, then do another video with just WFP cleaning including skylights if it fits. If not, do another separate video of just cleaning skylights. Do another video of chandelier cleaning. Get the idea? The more videos on your site, linked to youtube the better. Then post them on your facebook site, and google+ site, if you have one. The more you can get others to look at them the better for your web ranking. Google loves when you have content relevant videos on youtube (since they own it).

I forgot to mention, I do think the video was nicely put together. Sorry, just focused on the constructive criticism. Keep up the good work.

I don’t know why i didn’t think of that before, more service specific videos. I guess my mind was in full length motion picture mode or something. Haaa. Thanks for the suggestions.