New warehouse in town

So, as I’m leaving the gym last week, a guy sees my shirt and asks me to go look at a new warehouse his company is building, this is what I drive up on. He wants exterior only done (janitor is doing insides he says, those should turn out great haha).

Total of 129 panes, all tempered. There is some silicone and sticker residue on the glass, but other than that nothing serious.

What would your plan of attack be for this project? WFP first, then ladder up to get off construction debris? Or, take care of all construction debris, then WFP?

This is my first bid on a big commercial project and was curious what you all thought. Prices too? A ballpark figure on what you think would be a decent price to land the job and make it worthwhile. I was thinking $5.50 a pane, so $710 total.

Thanks in advance.


I have done a few post construction jobs. They can be a pain, but so far I have never run into anything too difficult to remove, mostly stickers, glue, plaster and such. I charge $9.00 per window (inside and out) and have felt that was too low for the work involved, however I did it to get in with the cleaning company that got the cleaning bid. She subbed the windows to me. It has turned into several other jobs and we now have a good mutually beneficial relationship. I don’t use WFP, but I would think you would have to clean with traditional methods to get desired results. Once you get them clean you might use WFP, but if this is a one time clean, I would not use WFP. Maybe some of the WFP experts can give you another perspective. But for outside only, your price seems ok to me. Good luck

You will probably save time by just cleaning it all by hand, since you probably have to scrape some if not most of the windows. I use WFP for post-construction some, but that’s just because I believe it gives a better final result. I don’t know what the prices are like where you’re working, or what you need to make it worth your time, but for 129 panes, only up to 2 stories high, I know companies where I live/work that would do that for only $300. I’m not saying you should charge that little, just saying “the correct price for everything is a unicorn” (reference from $600/hr. -Kevin Dubrosky).

A lot of work to do once… I’d try & get them on a regular deal. Work out prices for 4x, 2x a year etc

We don’t wfp, but I’d buy one if we had buildings like that. Our construction clean prices are $13 for in/out, if they aren’t trashed. So an exterior only would be $9 per pane, especially if you already know silicone is obviously on them.

We would be at $10 per side for CCU. Also would include in this packet the agreement for them going forward with your proposed maint. cleanings. When we bid these we also include a list of commercial projects we have done in the past with references, our insurance details up front and note that we will have a hard copy faxed.

There’s going to be so much dirt on them…I’d pre clean with a monofilament wfp, then ladder up and get what’s left…and before you start go look from the interior upstairs, check for FD scratches from the other guys, …

I would add more per window on the ones requiring ladder work. Just a thought, but seems like lot of ladder moves if going to do traditional clean.

Yes, I am definitely going to try to get them at least 2x a year. This building is in the middle of a dirt field and next door to a dairy, so they are going to get dirty quick

Do I need to inform them of all the scratches on the inside too? Just so they know that I didn’t do the damage?

Thanks for all your input guys. Really appreciate it.

If there are any…yeah…even though you arent on the inside.