New way to bid some jobs

This wont work for all jobs, but I was able to get a really good idea of what I’d charge a new client for a country club’s exterior windows using live maps. Check it out. It might be helpful for you too.

try the 3D view with the Airial option.

on a job like that, wouldn’t you go look at it in person?

We use google maps all the time. especially for gutter cleanings when customers have no idea of there sq footage.

I’ll say this, who would have thunk 10 years ago we could do something like this?

It is pretty nifty

We use Google Maps all the time too…

Problem with google is you can’t really see the house…

Also their data is two years old. Whenever I try to look for a house that is only a year it doesn’t even show the neighborhood.

This Maps Live ROCKS… I looked at my house and my garage doors were open. So I assume this is from this summer. Almost creepy… but freakin’ cool…

ohhh Ill have to check that out… I thought they all worked off all the same imagery.

I like that this one is all web based and you don’t need to download anything like you do with Google Earth.

I’d seen both of these clubs before(I’ve played golf at both), so this was a way to get a rough window count, which was able to be done with the 3D capability.


I cant believe I’ve been oblivious to this until today. I knew about the Google Earth thing a few years ago, but this Windows one is way better.

Great tip, Brennon.


Great find Brennon. And the maps are more clear, and you can zoom in a bit more than Google. The maps seem about 1 1/2 years old or more based on some new developments in my area not showing.

It still doesn’t replace checking out a job in person. Or getting enough details on the phone.

2d works fine for me, but when i go to 3d, the whole viewing window just goes a deep red color, like theres an error or something, can anyone else see 3d of toronto? is it just some buildings that are 3d or are all of them somehow 3d?


Ive used for a few years now to get an idea of how big a house is and a rough guide to how many windows. Its not fool-proof as it sometimes focuses on the wrong house and will not include any recent construction but it is handy for sq footage and a general idea of how affluent a neighbour hood is

My house ain’t even built yet on google-earth!

Cool site - pics are about 4 years old on my house.

When was installing the 3D plug-in on another computer I noticed this example of Toronto.