New WC Looking for ideas that work with Flyers

We are in an area of roughly 500,000 homes. Just 8 miles west of Atlantic City NJ. I have a son that has a Vehicle Detail service, trying to work his way through college but with the rising costs I don’t want him to be in debt forever. I bought the supplies for him but I am having trouble getting him customers. Every time I go out to do flyers with him for his Detail Business, the phone starts to ring almost immediately. I bought a system from a guy named Steve for WC’s. This manual wasn’t that expensive and so far every time that I have called the guy with a question, he answered quick and with great info. I took his 4" x 6" postcard and modified it. I just received in the 5,000 flyer’s, and this weekend passed out 1200 and got just 1 call so far. We are targeting subdivisions like we live in, close to our home. Home in this area are $500,000 +. We did do a more modest area in the $200,000 - $350,000 and that is the area that got the only response, so far. In the WC Book it said to get the full color postcards and put them in a zip lock style baggy and put a rock in it to weigh it down. I tried to test by doing 1/2 in baggies thrown onto the center of driveway. The others we either put behind the flag, if it was tight to the mailbox or hung it by the door catch. We were VERY careful not to put them into the mail boxes themselves. Every month people put xeroxed flyer’s on our front door but walking to the doors is really time consuming. I got my cost of printing and shipping down to 4 cents each but when you figure in a baggy at 2.2 cents and then the cost of passing them out, it adds up. We also have a TON of really expensive houses nearby just over a million, but the owners rent them out weekly in the summer and I can’t find a way to get to these absentee owners. If we would flyer them they would just be thrown out by the tenants. I could wait till September but I am just trying to get him some work in the meantime. I just was curious to see what works in other parts of the US.

go door to door. go business to business…yeah, that’s free.

Do NOT put nothing on mailboxes, you WILL get fined REALLY bad.
Where are you located ?

I didn’t have a lot of luck with the baggy thing either (a few ****ed off voicemails though) putting em on the door has been better for me. knocking is good to.

I think it’s kinda tacky to put a card in a paper bag with a ROCK! and throw it in someones driveway.
I considered doing this once till my wife smacked me back straight…Will the owner of a million dollar house really reply to a cheaply done, ghetto looking, piece of advertisement???

Put in the time or save the money for something professional like bulk malling.

I was told by a postmaster that the post is not government property.

Hey Dave…why don’t you post what you’ve been using, and we’ll try and make it better for you…if its not as good as it could be already…

Like I said I am near Atlantic City NJ. I have a cousin that is an Attorney and according to the latest interpratations of my local Post Master, the mailbox itself, is the only thing that the Post Office has power over. That power is limited to Stamped Processed mail only. The homeowner has the responsibility of EVERYTHING outside of the closed vessel itself. Hanging, taping, placing or any other way affixing anthing to the outside of the box is not illegal in my region. You must check with your own Post Master to see what is allowed and what isn’t. Thanks for the Heads up though

He has been going Door-to-door for the last few months with no luck. It seems that whenever I take him, and they answer, they never want his service. He has had luck promoting his Detailing business but so far none in the window cleaning, by going door to door. I only thought about the postcards when the Door-to-door stuff produced no fruit.

You may want to try the local property management services. Once your sign written vehicle is seen outside homes with you cleaning them, you may get more business.

I’ve tried property managers with no luck.

i can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t just stick to car detailing? I know a guy that makes very very good money doing it, he charges around $200 for most cars and it takes him like 2.5 hours. From what I understand he has a lot of monthly and bi monthly customers on contract, as where a lot of people only get their windows done every 6 months. Just curious.

When you knock,
What kind of objections are you getting? What are the reasons they give you for turning down the service?

If you tell them you also do difficult access, this is a problem solved for them, as most of the prop’ cleaning crews can’t manage this. They will probably keep your phone number on file.

What exactly would be classified as “difficult access”?

Anything that needs ladder work, wfp, conservatorys etc. Something that they don’t usually equip for.