New WCRA discount with Gallus Text Marketing!

Hello all!

We are excited to announce a NEW benefit exclusively for WCRA members! WCRA members can now use text marketing to help bring in more new clients, and get more business from existing clients with Gallus Text Marketing. This is a members only special starting at only $10 per month.

It is no secret that people are glued to their phones–including many of your customers. Have you ever considered text message marketing as part of your marketing plan? We are excited to hear your thoughts, results, etc.!

It’s opt in - your customers give you their consent so they want to receive these messages
Clear message - your call to action is short and simple for your customers to grasp and respond to
Affordable - Starting at $10 a month; cheaper then some other marketing formats
Easy to track results - Use reporting to track your results and see what is working

Gallus Text Marketing customizes a call to action for your company. For example: “Text wndowsh Raleigh to 313131 for 15% off your next project!”.

When new clients send the text they join your members only text list. This allows you to send quarterly reminders. “Raleigh window washing Co: time to wash your windows. Show this text to Derek for 5 free windows. Call 919-819-3777 to set appt”.

Want to get started with your member discount or learn more information about this program? Pleaase visit this page: Try Text Marketing

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