New website, Be Brutal

Hey ya’ll

Just got my new website together, (today is the first day), I actually went through a service and they did it all up for me. I’m now critiquing it and giving them changes.

I know, they ran a bunch of words together, also I need to send them some resi pics, roof pics, PW etc.

But ck it out and let me know what you guy’s would do to improve it.



some words need to be spaced. they run together other than that . awesome!

I love the slide show header Charlie! I’d try to make the homepage more about the customer. Talk more about how they benefit from choosing you or what you can do for them (save them time, keep their buildings in better condition, etc.). On the contacts page I’d have your e-mail on it as an active link so they have one more way to get a hold of you.
Overall I love it!:wink:

Awesome header! Will there be other pictures on your site other than commercial WFP pix? Great start!!

I like the site!

But try to get some ladder pics. Or pics from inside looking out at someone hanging from 4th floor, and the ground below. Show the versatility, better yet… the [B]scariness[/B]. :eek:

Especially since you are panning the pictures, which I like. But pan from up high, allllll the waayyy way down.

Make them think, “boy I’d hate to do that… I better hire these [B]professionals[/B]!”

Not, “well I could get maintenance to do [B]that[/B].”

Looks good, there are a few onsite things you can do to optimize your site for google. I’ll get back to you tonight with a few things to tell your web guy to do…

Hey guys,

I appreciate all the advice, yea, I have alot to do. I’m sending them more & better Pics, I’m giving them more verbiage to show the customer what benefits I can give them. I had them put a counter on it and they have to put my email address, etc.

I really appreciate the response. I emailed the company 5 or 6 times to change this or tweak that. So far so good, they’ve done it all in a matter of minutes.

Just have to get them some more stuff, F.A.Q. page & so forth.

Thanks so much


Honestly, the most important thing is how many potential clients get to see it in the first place. Keywords and what not look find, but you may consider adding your main target location to the title of the website to stay near the top in the maps and up your ranking in the general search results. Other than that, everything is functional, simple, and coherent … looks good.

p.s. listen to Doug … he knows his google :slight_smile:

Commas are way overused and not necaessary in many places

Thanks :slight_smile:

I Pretty much ditto what mountainview said, have your web guy put keywords in your title. Make sure to use words that people will type into google to find you. it’s not likely they will search google for A-1 Window Cleaning (It looks like hes already done this for your residential and commercial pages)

Also, the navigation bar on the side looks cool, but see how you cant hilight the text with your mouse? thats because the text isn’t really text it’s pictures of text, and google has a hard time determining what your site is about (tell him to use alt tags on the images to describe them). you also may want to include those links as clickable text somewhere within your content.

Honestly though, On page optimization isn’t as important as it once was. It is entirely possible to get a site to rank page 1 for a term without even having that term on the page anywhere. Who you have linking to you and how they are linking to you is whats most important.

I like the site. Are the words really small and blurry or do I need to go to bed and check it out again in the morning? Do you guys ever climb ladders or only WFP work? Nice site.