New Website for 5 Star Window Care

I just launched our new website today and thought I’d share it with you guys. I don’t have much more time to spend on it, for the next couple weeks, but certainly wouldn’t mind any suggestions.

Window Cleaning, Window Tinting in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale. Solar Panel Cleaning.

Also, I launched a new meme today that seems to be getting some laughs. Take a look and like our page if you feel so inclined :slight_smile:

Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:

You set the standard to go for Curt.

Dang @curt nice work…!

It looks like in the move, the slider images got lost and I could only se them because of caching… I need to get the homepage fixed real quick :frowning:


Like it. To the point and simple.

My .03 Cents =)

I am fan of the handwritten fronts however the one in use on your site is rather hard to read.

In addition your slider isn’t working properly on my end. Just getting the ajax twirly dooooooo.

One more thing. I like the white space idea, but on the pages where the footer is found only by scrolling down, it all kinda jumbled together. maybe use a light grey background on the outer thirds of the page or on the widgets?.

Keep up the good work bud.

You had every video you ever made playing, I watched most of them, something most HO’s will not do…

slider acting crazy

the font is a little hard to read

Looks really good Curt!

When I first loaded it, the slider got broken when I launched the website, but I think it’s fixed now, unless you just don’t like all of the activity-- I’m not sure what you saw… Let me know if it looks better now.

As far as the font, I know it’s a little hard to read… and I thought about that… But in the end it conveyed the attitude I want and I feel that it’s worth it for now. I may change it later, but I’m pretty happy with the balance at this point.

I wasn’t 100% sure what you meant, but I think you were referring to the fact that it kept auto-playing all of my other videos, which I wasn’t aware of, so thanks! I fixed that :slight_smile:

Not sure about everything you said there, but I made a few improvements since your post (and fixes) so hopefully it’s humming nicely now :slight_smile:

[MENTION=429]5star[/MENTION], curt stop being cheap and get responsibid on your site!

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Alright, already!! I’m on it :slight_smile:

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It seemed like the text was coming and going so fast on the slider it was distracting.

I agree with the font it is a preference thing

The homepage is not coming up properly on my Blackberry. Thanks for everything you do for window cleaning.

Interesting… I changed a couple things that might help. Does it work now?

Ha Ha Ha, GET IT!!!

Still not coming up properly. Could be a Blackberry thing. Do you know any other Blackberry users?

Unfortunately I can’t think of any…

Cool site.

Slider not working in Firefox.

Tried reloading a few times. Still nada…just the little spinning circle thing.