New website, I need your opinions

[COLOR=Black]I just finished a winter website re-do project that took me way too long. Now I need your input before I point my domain name to this site. Please take a look and give me some feedback.


Wow Nice Job!

Nicer than a LOT of what I’ve seen. Good job.

I love everything accept for the headline on the main page. “Are your windows dirty?”

You’ve got to assume that because they’ve reached your site, that question has already been answered. Now that they are at your site and are in receptive mode, hit them with something like “Find out why (name your community here) trust Sonlight for all their window cleaning needs!” Then list the benefits. or something to that affect.

Other wise, great job!

I like it

I LOVE the special offer layout! I don’t know how well re-screening sells, but I like you trying to make the sale then and there.

Put a stopper on them price shopping

I would kill the headline and just start with the “find out why…”

I love your lingo on the “why us” page. This type of personal touch is awesome

I’d hire ya if you were here lol

Nice job!

I might change “best” to “highest” on the homepage bullet point --> “You are hiring professionals, trained to the best standards in the industry.”

Are you referring to other professional service contacts here? --> “You will be given references at your request” It’s seems confusing…

On About Us page:
“old fashion” should perhaps be changed to “old fashioned” or “old-fashioned.” Sue Ann looks like a grammar expert; check with her.

Upper case I on “If”: if we absolutey cannot be there because of nuclear war…

On Services page | Power Washing: spelling: "Professionsl"
On Services page | Gutter Cleaning: spelling: “thorughly”

Great idea with the online rating service!

I guess I need to agree with ever using the word “best”

Best is unreal as nothing is really the best (I am kinda anal, don’t worry about it either way)

I like the site.

With my experience here in Spain, I would never offer a rain guarantee (due to brown rain from the Sahara). But I wouldn’t go into too much detail - it looks like an insect guarantee as well! I’ve done some houses especially in the country or near golf courses that sometimes get insect spotted the same or next day. With the rain, if you don’t clean the frames, then you get dirt run-off, so it might be an added service or decide if you will be doing this on all homes. Just something to think about.

[COLOR=black]Thanks to all of you for the help! [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I made the changes to the “refrences” bullet that you mentioned, Larry. I changed it to email reminders instead because I am really wanting to promote that this year. You are right, Sue is an english major and I took auto mechanics in school. :D[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Thanks Beautiful View for the suggestion on the “Are your windows dirty?” I changed that too. I liked your idea.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]CFP, wow! Thanks man, I kinda feel like one of those pups on American Idol who just impressed Simon Cowell. I have been reading every word you, Kevin and Chris write. Maybe some of it is starting to rub in.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Thanks Chris and Kevin for your input. Chris I borrowed the color scheme from you (I’m sure you noticed). Kevin, I am going to add a page from your play book soon, so thank you too.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Karlos, the rain guarantee is really a tool to help calm those worrisome customers who think it’s going to rain on Friday so they cancel on Tuesday. I am seriously thinking about the “Rain Insurance” that Craig talked about though.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Thanks again guys![/COLOR]

I think the site looks good, but i would not offer any deals or discounts, just one window cleaners thoughts,

you can check out my website at

I LIKE IT>>> :slight_smile:

(Steve has one of those fancy pocket email things,
so he’ll email you back right away)

made break out laughing, professional, personable and down to earth, classy and easy. KEEP IT :smiley:

on your About us page the hidden info, the script that says what page you are on should have your company name and about us… understand?
same as services page - contact us page… same
why… because you never know which page the customer will use for his/her selection. If they save the url to any page it should have your company name and the page so they can go through their quick links and find you!!

ps. on the why us, what is the squeegee holder anyways. I like to learn too, and it looks good, a high tech combo…

That’s great advice, I’ll change that tomorrow. Thanks![/COLOR]


You are definitely starting to get it.

In fact, I am more impressed with what you did on your site than any other I have see yet (for window cleaning)

Your Home page is strong (and if that is their landing page, it had better be). Your reasons are strong. It looks good and easy to read. You AND your wife’s picture is a GREAT touch.

One thing I might add on the home page is a call to action under your reasons. I know it is popular belief that we think that people love to mosey around our site and find out about us, some do and some don’t.

Some want some basic facts and a quote. That’s it. I would add this below the reasons.

Contact us now for your FREE quote (something simple like that. include email link and #) The more they click around your site, the more chances to turn them off. Every page needs a call to action.

What happened to the offer? Kinda weak now… Coffee? Would that motivate you? (I mean other than the caffeine :D)

Whatever you do, do not make your service cheaper or give them a % off. I do not look at your site and read about your sense of pride, your reassurance of satisfaction and think “discount service”.

I think I will get what I paid for…