New WFP Hose reel setup - keeps blowing out

Hey everyone,

I got my hose reel set up recently but I keep having issues with the rhino tube that runs from my top reel up my WFP. At the point where it leaves the reel, the hose keeps blowing out ( see the pictures below). I have spoken to John here at WCR, and he insists that this is the connection I need but after swapping the connector prices a couple different times it keeps happening. Have any of you run into this issue, or does anyone have any creative ways of fixing it? I can’t use my WFP until this is fixed, and I’m super frustrated. I’ve tried lowering the hose pressure, but then I just get a trickle out of the brush.

that looks like rhino hose not rhino tube?
what kind of fitting is that on the tube it doesn’t look like a rhino tube push fit?
are you unrolling the hose and the tube fully before using?

It’s rhino hose on the bottom; that runs to the customers garden hose connection. Rhino tube on the top; that’s for thea WFP

so the tube is blowing off where the water from your filter goes into it?

The black fitting is missing a piece.

There should be a small plastic part that sits inside it that holds the yellow tubing.

i’ve never seen that particular kind but have alot of disconnect trouble with the black push fits that come with the tucker brush but none with the ones that have the blue insert from reach it. if the fitting is working it should be VERY hard to pull out the hose.

you could try:
push the tube in
put a zip tie around the tube where it comes out of the fitting tight enough to make it snug but not close flow.
then tie the tube to the fitting

Are you connecting Rhino tube to Rhino hose? If so are you dispersing all of the rhino hose from the reel? It won’t fill and inflate on the reel.

That’s what people keep telling me, but the hose keeps popping out really easily.

I popped that plastic piece out of the fitting. I don’t think the rhino tube would fit with the plastic piece in there.

No I leave all the rhino hose on the reel…I usually just take off what I need. All of the rhino tube usually comes off the reel though.

if it comes out easy IT IS NOT WORKING (caps for emphasis not insult).

so it’s broken and not the right fitting

Just to clarify… hose is the flat one and tube is the round pole hose…

Yes that is correct.

I use the fitting on Rhino Tube with no problems. It must be your cublet (the compression fitting that holds the hose) call me and we will replace it for you

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I connect a 5/8" garden hose to the reel. Them the hose form my reel connects to s lead hose off my pole . I use all mini quick connects also. So on my brush there is about a 2’ length of hose with s John guest. I run my lead hose up the pole connect to the John guest them the lead hose gets connected tot the hose on the reel
Don’t know if this makes sense if you need pics let me know

Here are pics tells my story better :flushed:


Well there’s your problem. There’s nothing holding the tube in there. Figure out a way to make the rhino tube fit with the plastic insert, or find a different type of quick connect to use.