New WFP Product Alert!

WCR is proud to announce that we are now carrying a WFP back pack delivery system from Reach Higher Ground.

[SIZE=3]This is a Pretty neat system that allows you to simply walk around and deliver water to your Water Fed Pole. It is battery powered with built in pump and battery, rechargeable, and it has 4 settings at the press of the button.[/SIZE] $300.00 retail complete with the hose out of the tank with the quick connect and valve built in.

[CENTER][SIZE=5]Available Here[/SIZE]

Check out the pics below:

This may be the answer to my monthly house route. How many gallons does it hold?

How long does the battery last and can it be charged with a 12 volt system?

How many average windows, double hung for example, will it clean with a full tank of DI?

capable of delivering 120 gallons on a single charge. 12 Volt pump has 4 settings to deliver water

It doesn’t look like it holds that much water though. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, so that thing will get real heavy, real quick.

Is that a Sure-flo?

5 Gallons.

The battery will last long enough to pump 120 gallons of water or 24 fill ups.

The Backpack comes with a charger and simply plugs right in to charge.

The Backpack is manufactured by Shurflo.

That’s why mine will be bungee strapped to a two wheel dolly.:wink:

Shawn, what are the 4 settings?

.5 gallons per minute up to 1.0 gallons per minute.

I personally did not find it too heavy to wear and work with either.

Do you have to plug it into a wall socket to charge or can you recharge with the 12 volt outlet in the truck?

To my knowledge, it needs to be plugged into an outlet. Have not seen a cigarette lighter type charger for it.

Shawn, realistically how many windows could a person do with that? If it holds 5 gal and the lowest setting is .50 isn’t that only 10 minutes of cleaning? Keep in mind that I am not knowledgeable about pure water cleaning.

If that’s the case, a small inverter could be plugged into a vehicles 12v system to power the 110v charger for the system.

I would assume though, that the outlet charger that comes with the sprayer is a 110v to 12v converter. If that’s the case, you could go to Radioshack and get a car charger with the right tip (plug-in) to charge the sprayer without an 110v outlet.

Backpacks are not ideal for doing windows that are easily accessed with other methods or jobs that would require more then 5 gallons of water. That being said, they have their place and have been the norm in the UK for years.

I have found that I can easily do a cookie cutter style home with 2,000 or so square feet.

These delivery systems are nice for areas that are not easily accessible or small jobs, but they have their place.

I would also say that I don’t think its ideal for first time cleans where more water is needed then on maintenance type cleans.

I figure it would help me knock out the high windows on my monthly house route quickly while Mrs Squeegee does the lowers traditionally. Plus if you use a shut off wisely you would extend the amount of windows you could do. Maybe getting on of Peter Fogwill’s autobrushes would be a good investment.