New year new price

I want to implement a 3% increase in charge this year what is the best way to do it ?.
Letter, E-Mail ,Phone Call, or one on one
let me know 479-366-8528
John Donahey
Donahey Awning & Window Cleaning L.L.C.

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These are all great ways to do it, it just depends on the type of client.

-Letters (kinda costly)
-Emails (fast)
-Phone (time consuming but personal)
-One on one (very personal)

3% is very reasonable increase you should not recieve to much resistance to it.

Good luck in 2016!

Increase the price and let everyone know as they call in. Mail a letter to all route work.

I would do it one of two ways

  1. A letter stating across the board a 3% increase then quickly jump to winter/spring coupons or changes to your company

  2. a 4x6 post card which you have some blank spots to fill in their name and their price.

I would think option 1 takes less time and money and might drive sales. I mail out 1000 letters at a time. Cost is under $1000

2-4% increase for all of my clients. More for problem clients, as high as 15%.

I’ve emailed about half so far.

Any negative responses from the half

No negative reponses yet. I’ve trained them not to complain.

If they complain I tell them to find someone that better fits their expectations.


I would consider telling them at the time they are making the appointment over the phone.

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If its residential just do the increase. 3% is an extra $5-10? I have done price increases for the past 3 years straight and havnt had one complaint. And if they were to say anything, I would let them know how my insurance, taxes, and general operating costs rise every year and I try to keep competitive pricing for he services we provide… people are seeing cost of everything around them going up… 3% isnt going to shock them

I raised all prices 10% last January. For route jobs, I put a brightly colored sticker on the work orders pointing out the price increase. For residential, I just told them the new price when they scheduled their appointments. I didn’t point out that there had been an increase, I just made sure to say how much the price was going to be.

I lost a total of two customers, and both of them were difficult customers anyway, so that was actually a double benefit. They were both residential jobs that were only around $150 once a year. None of the route jobs complained at all.