Newbi starting out

good morning guys i am newish to the window cleaning game, had a go about 20 years ago but i was to cheap. so the round folded.years have gone by. family have grown up,i am looking to a new direction in life so i thought window cleaning was the way to go. with so much info on line now .i am thinking how i could fail this time.i am posting flyer’s out had quit a good res ponce would like to hear from you guys as to what works as far as getting window-cleaning the way i live in hertfordshire just out side of london England…petemg:)

Welcome aboard Pete.


Maybe you should be thinking of how you’re going to succeed instead. Unless you meant that like, “how could I possibly fail this time around?! I can’t with all this info online.”.


Always try and exceed the customers expectations even if at the time you might think you are “wasting” your time on a tough situation. Customers notice your diligence and the word will spread. Get hooked up with the best Realtors in your area ,they have been a great resource for me!! It does take time for the “word” to get out so patience is needed. DO NOT lower your prices just to get work it will come back and bite you years down the road.

Commitment Pete

Learn everything marketing. You are not a window cleaner, you are a marketer when you own your own business.

Marketing precedes window cleaning because if there is no marketing, there is no windows to clean. Implement and commit to a marketing plan/calander.

This site has all the info you will need, study it and welcome.

Hi Pete, I’m sad to admit I’m a Luton Fan. Have they sold Kenilworth Rd yet? Was in Harpenden around a month a go!

hi karlosdaze itspetemg from hertferdshire england idont follow fottball but my sister lives inharpendon nice properties on south common might flyer them you never no, all the best…pete

You may want to post on the English sites - there ain’t too many poms that post here. Check my blog for the forums. Some good marketing info here that can’t be overlooked.

Isn’t Chris trying to get the English guys to post here? I’m sure there are thing we can learn from them, and they from us.

I am a member of multiple forums.