Newbie happy to read feedback on

First want to say hello to all. Just got all the equipment i think i will need to get started and started practicing. Would love to get some feedback from anybody in Maryland or anywhere any usefull info. would be appreciated. I think it cool how the guys with alot of experienced help the new guys out.

what are you looking for feedback on? subject?


Sorry about that Well for starters since I’m just starting out which method do you think will be more effective mailers with my fliers or going knocking on doors and going into businesses. Also can afford a add in my budget. Any feedback would be welcome and thanks in advance.

Well, since this thread is posted in the Store Front section…

You’ll need to go door-to-door and ask to speak with the decision-maker. Check out the Search feature above right and you’ll find many threads on marketing storefront, residential, etc.

Good luck with your new business!

What he said. Spend hours reading there is a lot of great info on here. Also, check out the video section.


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