Newbie Here

Hello everyone, i own an exterior cleaning service in Mississippi servicing shopping centers, restaurants, fuel stations and so on. Were more along the lines of pressure washing however I have a property manager that just acquired two new building that needs to have the windows cleaned. I looked over the building today 4 storys, 200 windows per building and ranging from 3x5 to 7x10. Any ideas on pricing for this, it will be a one time cleaning i am sure and could lead to alot more work however i am not interested in working for free like so do to get more work.

I have a RO system already from when we washed cars on car lots. I can supply as much as needed for this job as i can have 2000 gallons stored for this job. The only options i see here are lift or wfp. I can use a lift then use a agricultural pump (delevan) to get the water up to the windows and have a helper scrub them and i will rinse them and more on. The lift is roughly 1k for 2 days including pickup and delivery as well as taxes. Which route would you take for your first large job?

Since this is a one time deal, I’d say you’re better off using traditional methods (squeegee) on this glass. A lift, as you stated, will run 1k. A good WFP will cost more, close to double that. You’d also have to build that WFP into the price, whereas the lift is generally a seperate invoice, at least that’s how I handle lift rentals.

A WFP has a certain amount of a learning curve, just as pressure washing. If you plan on doing a fair amount of window cleaning, go for the WFP. If this is gonna be somewhat few and far between, squeegee it.

Are you going to Russ Spence’s pressure washing round table in Alabama next month? It’s Feb 21 and 22, so it kinda overlaps the IWCA convention in ATL, but those roundtables are pretty sweet.

greetings and salutations my good friend, sit back and pore yourself some Brandy!

I am still unsure about Alabama RT due to our schedule next month and if we start this apartment complex soon or not. I have slept on it and think i may add Window Cleaning to my business for the properties I service already and allow the property managers to kill 2 birds with one stone so to say.

I already have the RO and thats the bulk of getting into this side of the business from what i can tell from reading. The problem will be how to get the water through WFP without the normal garden hose setup. I can carry 660 gallons on my trailer and another 330 in truck if needed so i can supple as much water as i would ever need washing windows. The only other ways i see are jet pumps for swimming pools or some other self priming pump that i can put a valve on it to regulate the amount of flow. On the WFP are they already setup with some way to regulate flow?

Welcome! And I second Larry’s suggestion!

sounds good, anyone know what the lift is on that pump

The water fed pole is not regulated the system is. So if you are going to make water in advance you would probably only need a Sure-Flow Pump to send the water up the pole. I assume you are gravity feeding the garden hose from the outlet on your tank? So you just need a boost of some sort to run it up the pole.

sounds good, i will play with this tonight and put a bid together. I will price it high and do my best to factor in everything thats not known by me for window cleaning. Even if I do not get the job i will probably be looking to add this to our normal accounts