Newbie questions help me out

Hey guys, I am just beginning to get into window cleaning, haven’t gone out and made money on it yet. I have a not so bad day job but I hate it most days and the pay sucks. I want to start window cleaning as a side hustle for now and I hope to grow my side hustle into a legit business that I can do full time once I get my money up, and leave my job to run my owne window cleaning business and work for myself, and make good money. Is this a realistic goal? Does anyone have advice?

Hello Mikey,
Is it realistic? Of course. There is a ton of advice here on the forum.
Under the blue bar, you will see a box that says all categories.

If you click the box be sure to check out the section called “the office”.

Use the search bar often…and download the window cleaning blueprint.

Just be sure you’re ready to give up regular pay on security for the exact opposite. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where you have what seems to be enough money to save for the rest of the year in only a couple jobs, and 3 days later be broke as the hobo living in the alley.

You’ll see plenty of people with the same questions you are asking, which is probably why this hasn’t been responded to as of yet. Don’t take it personal. Trust me, everyone on here gets along pretty well so you are welcome here.

Take care man.

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Ok tip #1, lose the slang, customers prefer a clean cut, presentable service provider.

Hating it most days with pay that sucks is NOT “a not so bad day job”.
Put a time frame on having it as a second job.
Read everything you can on this forum, then you’ll have specific questions.
It is realistic and you need specific goals with details in writing how you will achieve them.

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I say not so bad because its secure and has decent benefits. But that’s about it

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Yeah, I get that…been there, done that, so I still think that being secure and having
decent benefits is NOT “a not so bad job”.

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Same here Mikey1221
Except mine was retail :no_mouth:
Good luck to us all and keep us posted