Newbie saying hello

hi been in cleaning for some time found this website and thought i would join although from across the pond in the uk,looking to learn more and explore new developements,rushe

Welcome Rushe

Looking forward to your post.

Welcome. You made a great decision joining this forum. Funny your from across the pond becuase I’m going to see some great customers that happen to be from England tomorrow. I love to hear their stories from that part of the world.

Welcome, Rushe.

Welcome. I would like to go to England one day. Seems like a good place.

Welcome to the community Rushe, glad to have you.

Hey Rushe! Welcome, glad to have you and look forward to your insight. :slight_smile:

Welcome Rushe!

Chad Provost

Welcome to the forum, I have learned a lot from your [B]mates[/B] across the pond. They have helped me [B]whilst[/B] providing products like the scrim and the wagtail. Also some new words that are kinda fun [B](job done)[/B].
Welcome again!

glad to hear we have been communicating well,and thanks for the welcome all I am sure you taught us a thing or two as well!look forward to story exchanges also

Thanks for the reply, I love to help in any way I can. Sometimes more help than others want.
But I am here as many others on the forum and ready to help on any topic that we know.