Newbie to window cleaning

Hi guys and dolls, hope you can help me out. I am fairly new to window cleaning and have mainly been using water fed pole. recently i have been asked to do a few commercial jobs which involve inside cleaning aswell

1/ when i clean the frames with a scrim i always leave a dirty wash mark around the outside of the glass, the scrims are always clean??? I was thinking of buying a couple of chammie leathers, are these better???

2/ does anyone have a picture or video clip of this “dog earing” techinique that i have heard about, most people that try it seem to like it???

Kind regards


I always carry a little 2in. squeegee in my bucket and clean the frames like I would the windows. Another trick is to use windshield splash. The alcohol doesn’t bead and is a good cleaner.

Dog earing:
If the scrim is new it may need washing/breaking in first. When & where did you get it? How do you wash/dry them?