Hello all,
My best wishes for 2009,i’m a windowcleaner from Belgium for about 2 years now.
You guys have a great forum i must say.

Greetings ,


Hey Robin, welcome aboard.



Glad to have you Robin!
I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself here.

Welcome Robin. Love your chocolate!:smiley:

Welcome Robin


And your beer!

Welcome… Jump on in the water is fine :smiley:

Hi Rob,
Nice to get a European slant on things.

And the waffles !
Welcome aboard.

Hello all! This is my first time posting and Ive gotta say that this is an awsome forum! Thanks for all of the info. and keep up the good work!

Jeff Campbell
Campbell Window Cleaning-(Thought of the name all on my own!)
Cambridge, Ohio

Hi Jeff, Hi Robin, welcome.