Ninja channel

I am not sure if this is going to work, this is the first time I’ve tried posting from my phone. I have been having really good success by dog earring a unheralded channel. It has cut down on my detailing tremendously. I wanted to try one of the new ninja squeegees, but was wondering if anybody knows if this channel can be dogeared. I didn’t know how this would work with the end clips. Thanks a lot

I would think that the stronger material (aircraft aluminum??) would be pretty tough to dog ear.

That is what I am thinking, plus I can’t tell how the clip fits over the end and if this would be even possible. I don’t want to give up the dog-ear at this point, it is really working for me.

Joe, look down the list of threads here. A few days ago Provost Services started a thread about dog -earing. Mark Strange posted about using the Unger green clips to dog-ear and included a video. Marks videos are always informative.

Thanks, I checked that out, on the S channels that I am using I would go along with just cutting and bending the channels, but I am wondering if it is possible to cut and bend a ninja channel or even nessecary. I tried the zip tie method and for me it does not work near as well as cutting the channel. The only reason I am wondering about this is because I was going to get some rubber and saw the promo that unger was having so I thought about trying a ninja channel., any feed back would be great.

The ends of the ninja are the plastics clips, won’t work. Leaves much to detail, so try trimming the rubber a bit shorter and possibly in combination of the method above

I don’t think that you can cut and bend the Ninjas with those dam clips.

My opinion, toss the channel and use the handle :slight_smile:

I love unger, but those clips were a complete fail. Still think they should have kept the design of the ergotech handle/channel.

Couldn’t agree with you more. For s**ts and giggles I’m going to take the clips off of the longer Ninjas I kept and grind the ends like the Slayers (angled). The advantage might be being able to use standard rubber.
I use Wagtails now almost all the time but I will keep the green Ergotec handles and the S-channels for ever just because they work.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it

I would love to know if this works out.