No more 1099'ers in CA

AB-5 pretty much makes it impossible for companies like ours to hire contractors, and if caught it’s a minimum of a $5,000 fine for mis-categorizing their workers. Is anyone here who 1099’s their crew members changing the way they do business? If so, what are you doing??

There’s already plans here to get it repealed. Changes nothing for me. I truly use subs when I need them.

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This thing isn’t getting repealed. When you strip this down, it’s all about the state getting those employee and employer taxes, period. And now that the money is flowing in, you think CA is going to allow the tap to turn off? Don’t think so.

Sub at your own peril.

I agree with you completely. Just like the gas tax last year-another money grab by our State Government.
By the way, I’m running three teams of two, plus a full time carpet cleaner and all 7 are w-2 employees with worker’s comp. No contractors for me.