No one around

So I’ve been in Mississippi for about a week and of course every where I go I look at windows…I know I’m weird, every time I see glass I wonder if I can clean it.

I sometimes take for granted that I live in a dense area and window cleaning is good business around here. Now since it’s so dense there are window cleaners every mile… But my point is that when I was in Mississippi I realized that people don’t care about their windows, they care more about their truck or 4 wheeler.
I’m sure you could build some kind of business around there. I went around a lot of parts of Mississippi and Alabama and noticed that no really cleans there windows…

are there any people on this forum with businesses in Mississippi and Alabama???

It is just different to me going from my city where almost every place has a window cleaner to two states that seemed to have a different view on window cleaning.

Plenty of windows.

Put on an orange vest, carry something with a scope, wear a holster and dribble something brown out of your mouth. Then, use sentences sounding like questions, never ever use every letter in every word, and say “hale yeah” as you walk into anyplace with all four walls…

oh…a green john deer hat will do wonders.
Don’t sell…tell.

If they say no: Shoot somebody. (aim low…the brains are often hidden by a scoal can)

I reackon that’s a pretty funny.

And you’d be right as rain.

I had people making fun of my hair and my box car…

Matt, I am from alabama…borned in Mississippii …they made fun of so much more behind your back.

I am pleased to learn ANYONE has windows.

Just learn a few Foxworthy and Engvall sets and you’ll be the belle of the ball.