No Response on Estimates?

So, this year I decided that I would do a better job of following up on estimates that I sent out and got no response on, just to make sure they got the estimate and if they had any questions etc… Well, I am dumbfounded at how many people are just putting me on ignore.

One example is a lady calls and asks for a quote for her house, then texts a few days later since she hadn’t gotten it yet, I get right on it and email it to her that day and hear nothing back. Two days goes by and I email her a follow up and again nothing. 2 more days and I call her and leave a message. Nothing. I text her today and ask if she received the quote and did she have any questions and again nada, zippo, nothing. Like she fell of the Earth.

What’s up with people going dark on you like that? I personally would have no problem just saying I got your estimate and I’m going to pass because it was more than I am willing to pay. I feel I owe it to them for their trouble, but to just ignore some one is being a cowardly jerk in my opinion.

I’m wondering if I ought to just go back to my old routine of getting them the quote and if I don’t hear back, blow them off? What do you think/do? Is it worth the time?

I’ve had this happen from time to time. I think a surprising number of people have a really hard time simply saying ‘no’. And I think there are quite a few who hem and haw over the decision, and fail to respond because they haven’t made up their minds, and other matters grab their attention. (I’ve been guilty of this second one)

I think following up makes sense, to an extent. I think one phone call/voicemail is sufficient. I don’t think I’m going to bother with email or text message followups, unless I have a really good feeling that’s their preferred method of contact, and they’re likely to reply.

(Good golly, I used the words ‘I think’ a lot… I guess ‘imho’ would be redundant, lol)


I’d stop by the house. "I just finished up the neighbors house and curious what day you’d like to schedule for? "

People are funny sometimes like this. One follow up and move on. If the e-mail didn’t bounce back - they got it. If the text or phone call went through - they got it.

Sometimes things happen in peoples lives and we don’t know what that is. Could be an illness, death, birth, or any other emergency. You did your part. You’ll get the next one.


I could park in the street and wait til they get home, that would show real persistence…

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True. I guess what bothers me is that this makes 3 in the last month and since I have never done follow up before I wasn’t expecting people to be hiding from me. I think one follow up is the key though. Anything after that just starts to annoy me!

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Some people are just crazy!! :flushed: Oh and cheep too. Gave estimate yesterday in a NICE neighbor hood it was 30+ pella break apart. Gave them the price and they were like wow that’s a lot. I know there not calling. Moving on to the next customer who doesn’t blink twice to what it cost to do a good job.

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If I had a hundred dollars for every time I booked a job after being told that… Wait, I think I do :sunglasses:


I don’t get all of these, but I do land most. I think many want to know why my price is better than the last guys - if he is still in business.

I do automatic follow up. The program I use tells me when the Estimate is viewed. But I still call and ask that they received and if I can answer any questions. I don’t really push or be sales-y but just make the feel like I’m here to help.

Sets you apart for sure. I don’t really call more than two to three times though so as not to bother.

I called three times on a regular customer. Kept putting me off til the next week. I know that her husband is very ill right now, so when and if she is ready she will call me now. I truly hope for the best for her husband. A super nice couple.

[quickly checks bank account]

“Yep, well over $100 in there!” :smirk:

At least you “think”.

I do one follow up call and one follow up email, if i don’t here from them they go into the file marked “follow up postcard 2x annually.”

Does the period go before the quotation marks or after…:confused:

Before, you did it right.

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In American English it goes inside the quotation mark. In British English it can go either in or out.


Great so if i ever misplace the period i’m writing in my British accent! :wink:


I’m terrible at followibg up in quotes. I hate it when they want a quote ASAP and don’t call you back and just ignore you.

I think when they ignore us it’s because they where using our quote to compare to another quote and see if they other guy is charging a lot/correctly .


If they ignore you there looking for the cheap guy .


Famous last words…

“I’ll talk to my husband/wife about it.”
“Let me think about it.”
“Okay, I’ll phone you next month.”