No Window Cleaning or Power Washing in Houston?

How are you Houston guys handling this?
Houston Issues Mandatory Water Restrictions - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston

Looks like the city is holding off on scheduled services that use water. I don’t think they can prevent someone from making a living.

Bring you own water to the job rain or lake?

Sorry to hear this guy’s. Hope things get better for you. You could have all of our flood water if I had my way.

That is the way it is listed, but I think they would really frown upon a 4 gpm pressure washer cleaning a house. As a homeowner it would be irresponsible plus likely liable for a ticket, and If it is not a ticketable offense, I would think it would atleast be bad for the image of the business.

Time to go nose to glass for the window cleaners.

I think it could be the way of the future for pressure washers in much of the country, between the EPA and droughts, things will have to change. Reclaiming water is a start for pressure washing but up here the move to media blasting is replacing the water factor.

Yes they can, and they will.

It happened here about 3 years ago. All washing stopped. Another contractor and I fought it, even got TV news exposure. We were able to get it changed where those with a pre existing business license for pressure washing could continue services.

The city and county council really had no idea about our business. They were under the impression we used thousands of gallons to clean a home. Home owners do - professionals don’t. You need to highlight your pressure washer as a means of saving water – using water efficiently.

Also, you need to show that cleaning a home or business is not simply for cosmetic reasons. Washing is done for health and safety reasons, as well as maintaining market value.

And that right there is why I’m pushing for you to think about a leadership position in the UAMCC.

I read that it takes about 40,000 gallons of water to manufacturer a motor vehicle.