No window left uncleaned gurantee

Would you be comfortable offering that? If theres a window you can’t get to, the rest of the windows get cleaned for free.

Some initial terms I would think to include in the fine print:

Residential only
Up to $500
Not valid for windows with corrosion or broken seals.

Between wfp, ladder and when necessary lift rental I think it would be very rare. If you do happen upon a home with with an impossible to reach window, I would bid it high and own up to the offer and smile while doing it.

Edit: p.s I would spell Guarantee correctly in the marketing :stuck_out_tongue: whoops

I think it’s a great guarantee for a different reason. Some companies just somehow skip rooms or windows for reasons such as it’s a little more difficult to get to or it’s the garage windows or the basement windows or this room doesn’t look like it ever gets used… It’s nice assurance to address upfront that your company doesn’t shortcut what they say they are going to do. I may use that phrase someday. On the angle you are bringing out, many years ago I had to leave a couple windows out on a older 3rd story home with another house very close to it that I could not get the angle I needed with pole nor did I have a 32’ ladder that I needed. I tried but was not satisfied so I deducted them from bill.

The point of a guarantee is to assuage a fear that your customer might have. Are customers afraid of skipped windows?

This guarantee strikes me as a “we guarantee we’ll do our job” sort of thing. Why even offer it?

I suppose I can see your angle. You probably feel the same way about a streak free guarantee, or rain guarantee. To me It’s the selling of “assurance”. and I see it could be leveraged in the right time and place. Maybe it could be angled in for a potential client who has had shoddy service or incomplete window service in the past. Check out what a testimonial a client of mine left as a testimonial regarding not missing any windows.

Woooo sorry that image is so HUGE. can you see it? sorry

Yes! Exactly! That is exactly what I was going for. I actually got this idea when reading a thread on here about a guy saying he would only use a 20ft extension ladder and he couldn’t get to some windows. Many companies in my area skip windows either without telling the client or saying sorry can’t reach it will discount the job $x. Every market is different and my market has many shoddy businesses that employ students that show up in cars with multi ladder only. I had a client tell me she had someone come to her house offering window cleaning, she agreed and then they said oh btw we only have a step ladder so we cant do the exterior second floor. This was a large house too with 50ish panes. We had a good laugh over it.

Especially for clients that have a home with windows where you seriously think to you self how the hell is it even possible to clean that? Then this guarantee would put that worry at ease for the client.

Could even use this as a main marketing campaign to lake houses and larger homes - “We love a challenge! Check out this guarantee!”

Edit: Now that I think about it; my market is very different: residential window cleaning is feasible 7-8 months of the year due to extreme cold and snow. Hence all the shoddy student businesses.

My theory is if someone comments on it, then that should be your angle. If other companies are skipping windows and customers know it, then your angle should be you don’t skip.

If other companies cut corners because “they can’t see it from under the blinds anyway” then your angle can be you don’t cut corners.

Rain guarantees, 100% satisfaction guarantees, 100% window guarantee, use whatever you can use.

2% butterscotch ripple guarantee

You got to bring the sweetness.

Intersting. I’m thinking it was my post that caught your attention…
In all fairness, I started to post a long, more helpful post about using ladders. I SWEAR I did.
(@WCS should be able to attest to this, as moderators see all ‘edits’ right?) (I think)

But then I noticed the whole “hand it off to somebody who could complete the job [B]properly[/B]” post.
Yeah, that frustrates me, because I hate to see someone pass a job to another company.

  1. Because at that point you have officially begun to "waste your customers time"
    even if it’s the moment of uncertainty they have that the job will actually get done.
  2. If there are limits to your company’s abilities, it should be noted “we can’t do higher than first floor.”
    (see #1)
  3. We are window cleaners, but for every customer who is ‘above’ cleaning’ their windows…
    there are 5 more who would LIKE to “do it if they could”, but honestly just don’t want to/cant get up on a ladder.

As fars as any competitive advantage…
I’m torn.

I kind of agree with Mole, you are kind of pushing the fact that 'you are going to do what is expected.'
And on the other hand…

Let’s pretend that every car has ABS brakes.
After visiting 10 dealerships, a shopper may walk away thinking that only [B]one car[/B] has ABS.

  • because that salesperson was the only one who bothered to mention it.

I guess I kind of ‘flaked’ on choosing a side on that one, huh? Sorry. :o

So, for what it’s worth…
Personally, I guess I sometimes go the route of bringing it up in conversation, but don’t promote it.

I wouldn’t do it. Leaves too many opportunities for someone to rip you off.


This thread reminded me of this:
Tommyboy 04 Guarantee scene: Tommyboy 04 Guarantee scene - YouTube

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