Nobel Peace Prize...?

Call me a “hater” or better yet, blame that on Bush too. Were those 25% voted in while we were at war? Nope. One was and he sucked too. Obama can’t stand on his own merit. You are trying to defend him by pointing out other folks faults. I don’t “fly” that way. I wasn’t a Bush fan either but I don’t blame him for Obama’s shortcomings. And who do you think funds NASA? Czars are Obama flunkys being recompensated for their efforts and backing. I believe this. You believe as you like. Seig Hiel! After all, it’s a free country…so far, anyway.

[I][B]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/B][/I]

Why make a reference to fascist Germany under Hitler?

Political leaning aside (as that is irrelevant). Obama in no way earned
that award. On every forum I am on Dems, Rep and Ind all seem to
think this is horsesh-t.

Well, it’s a free country and he just got a Nobel Peace Prize for free.

We should also recognize that Obama has distanced himself from
this award. He wants nothing to do with it. He gave the money to charity.

The award committee is the issue. There are no doubt motives for them
to have given the award to him.

The funny part is it is not a public award. It is not up to us who gets it. And
it will not effect any of our lives.

Yeah, Hitler was able to get the Olympics for Germany.

I guess because you seem to be showing the proper loyalty and subservience to your leader. It worked for the romans. It worked for hitler. It worked for Mussolini. They brought some “change” too. I myself love my country, fear my government and question authority. I would have felt a little better had Obama declined the Nobel prize or if he had opted out on the olympic quest under the pretense that his plate is a bit full at home right now.

[I][B]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/B][/I]

“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen;” - God (Rev. 1:18)

So once again any one who disagrees with Larry is a hater, no doubt.

Is that your own thought, or did you copy and paste that from some other website? Maybe the White House?

Besides, if the czar is no trouble, why are senators in his own party starting investigations into his “czars”.

Also even the White House website acknowledges that only 9 of the 32 “czars” went through senate confirmation.

“Well, the goal of the border czar is to help coordinate all the various agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security,” - Barak Obama (4/15/09) (answer to the third question)
Some one forgot to tell Obama he didn’t have czars in his administration.

You mean makes stuff up, don’t you? The folks posting multiple Kenyan “birth certificates” on the web, as well as those with conspiracy theories that Obama had his grandmother killed so she could not reveal “the truth.”

Remember, we’re discussing Obama’s birthplace right now…

The words in quotation marks are attributed to others. You do understand that, yes?

Who mentioned “trouble?”

And what is the issue there? What is “standard” for other advisory/appointed posts?

Obama stated that “czar” is not an official title. Your quote appears to be out of context (what is the third question…?)

BTW, you spelled Barack incorrectly.

Larry - What you didn’t like my avatar? I made that shirt myself.:smiley:

As if I couldn’t tell! :smiley:

BTW, left-wing extremists are haters, too.

The third question was in reference to the link in which Obama stated why he was putting a border czar in place, so that you can see that I did not take a quote out of context. His answer was in response to the third question in the interview.

I misspelled Barak purposefully, it helps your self esteem. :smiley:

BTW - on 3/11/09 - Robert Gibbs (W.H. Press Sec.) also referred to the “drug czar” - “I think just as the drug czar will, and most people do, have full access to the President of the United States to make important decisions.” The White House - Press Office - Briefing by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 3/11/09

V.P. Biden - also refered to the drug czar on 3/11/09 “I believe that we needed a drug czar, someone who could lead at a White House level, coordinating all our nation’s drug policy, and I still believe that today.”

It amazes me how much senior W.H. officials talk about a position that doesn’t exist.

Position, or official title? No one said the position doesn’t exist…

Sorry, I had to pick myself up after reading that one. That’s good.

BTW, how are the Sharks going to do this year?

Is that light at the end of that tunnel?

Left wing is two wolves and a sheep deciding on who is eaten for dinner
right wing is the same…only the sheep has a gun…their will be consequences
The independent already knew that their would be consequences…so he ordered out for dinner.

[I][B]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/B][/I]

Stanley Cup.

Thats a good analogy. I like that.

I find it hard to disagree with you on that one. I knew last year they wouldn’t get past the Red Wings, but this year I think they might. That is hard for a Red Wings fan to say.