Non productive employee

Ok I’ve had this employee for 2 months. I’ve done hands on training for two solid weeks as well as corrective training along the way. My problem is after 2 months I’m still not making any money off of him. His work is good but it’s almost as if when I’m watching him work he is going at his own pace. He’s not a simple problem solver either. He’s slow. Am I expecting too much too soon. All my other employees were making their daily pay and giving me small profit in 3 weeks! They now produce well for me and make good money as well. It’s the first time I’ve come across this. My other employees say he’s a paycheck puller and will never produce because he’s not going to work hard period.! Any thoughts from experience?

your other employees are right


Are you running a non-profit?


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People who can’t get it in three weeks aren’t cut out to be a window cleaner. What we do ain’t for everybody.

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If you don’t cut them now they will hang around to collect WC or Unemployment against you…

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Ask yourself what is more important to you…

A: Providing him a secure job while you don’t make a penny off your marketing, hard work and reputation or…

B: Cut out the cancer and find someone who can produce?

Unfortunately I’ve gone through this numerous times. You have to cut him loose, and it sucks at first but almost always ends up being the right move.

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Thanks I appreciate the feed back.

obviously your experience pays into this more than anything. Without knowing the details of what you expect its hard to say, Are you expecting him to make you $100 per house after only a few months Id say thats unreasonable. But hearing you say other employees were earning their way after 3 weeks, he has had 2 times longer. Time to cut the cord.

Pay him commission and he will either speed up or quit