Not sure how to handle this

I have an account that is on it’s 3rd cleaning with me. Large golf course that is made from logs. That’s right, huge log cabin. Anyway they have always been very happy with the work. The guy I was dealing with has been promoted in the company to operations manager, so he is around but I’m not in direct contact with him anymore. 3 weeks ago I went to do the job and they had some construction done over the winter months. The contruction part was the last part of the job to be completed and when started with my WFP I had to stop right away. It seems the company that did the logs, did not seal in between the logs and the window frames so water shot inside the place. They were not upset with me, but more upset with the contractor. It was around 530pm so I packed up and told them I will be back when they want me back. I told them I can complete the back by hand (nose to glass). Its only a wall of windows and I can get it banged out in about 1 hour with set up, drive time etc. The new employee has been very nice since I first met her. But she has not returned my calls. I have called her every Monday and Tuesday since the issue. I don’t want to call her boss now and get her in trouble. I’m not sure if she has a personal problem etc, or if she just busy because the season is now here and they hare opening their other course for the season. Her boss and I got along great and he mentioned 6 other golf courses that he is now managing and he would like to talk about scheduling them. I’m not sure how to handle this. Call him and risk getting her in trouble or give her a few more days.

I would go in and see her.

I’d talk w/ the original guy. You can only wait on her so long and you don’t want her procrastination causing them to think it’s you not getting the job done.

I agree this is what is freaking me out. I am going to wait till COB today. If she don’t contact me I will call the guy.

I wish I could. Problem is being it’s a golf course and they are not fully open yet. It’s a hit or miss if someone will be there. They don’t fully open till April 1. Well we’ll see how it goes over the next 24 hours. Thanks guys.

she probably has not called you back because she doesn’t need the work done yet and is probably dealing with the dumb*** contractor. She will call you back when the windows are ready to be cleaned. You may want to just pop in there though and see where they are at with the mess at this point. I wouldn’t keep calling her!!!

I would go to the first guy, and talk about the other 6 golf courses, then after that bring up this situation, ask him if the work has been finished yet.

I agree with this dude… this is a smart way on going about it i think :smiley:

I would stop by to see her to check if the issue was resolved. You could use the “I was in the neighborhood” line. Let her know that the Spring rush will soon be here and you just wanted to stop by to set aside a time slot for them so they can be cleaned when their season is in full tilt and the clubhouse is buzzing with guests. Thats what I would do.